Crafted employee experiences in a work from home setup

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Crafted employee experiences in a work from home setup

Covid-19 has spread out globally, just like a wildfire. The world is witnessing a severe lockdown everywhere. The busiest streets of wall street have witnessed empty roads. Now, how shocking and how serious is that! As the virus is gaining pace around the world businesses, big or small and even the gig economy are scrambling to keep their organizations afloat.

The pandemic has brought with it the tangents and possibilities for a work from home setup. The Quarantine, social distancing, and even the self-healing have given more scope for the work from home setup.

The economy cannot be sacrificed, just imagine a single day lockdown of the entire business world, and the economy is going to dwindle down. In the past few weeks, the world has seen a shift from working together in offices to remote working and holding meetings over a video call!

Employee experience during work from home

Crafted employee experiences in a work from home setup | peopleHum

This can be very useful to keep the momentum on, but you never know what the future of work has for you. When it comes to remote working, it's not always easy.
Yes, there is casual dressing, comfortable room space, flexibility and lack of commute, but that is not all. You need to craft an employee experience around the complete work from home setup

First things first, What you need to do to craft the best employee experience in  work from the home setup? It is indeed the most important question any business owner should be asking now.

It all starts from applying for the option, Make it simple, just a click and your employees should be able to apply for work from home and start the work immediately 

When it starts with ease, the process gets very comfortable. Just imagine waking up in the morning, and feeling unwell. You decide to work from home and call up your boss, ask him for WFH. The struggles of getting connected across to him, and then the interrogations of whats and whys and lastly, even if it is approved, you will have to send an official mail for it to be present in the data, of leaves and WFH taken.

Half of your energy is exhausted already! Now imagine another setup. Waking up sick and deciding to work from home, You open your phone and use the app, apply for WFH and start working. Yes, it is as simple as it looks.You have marked the best employee experience here

All you need to take care of is that the employee should have a great experience in a work from home setup.  If you ask me why the answer is simple, he is available behind the screens and you don't know what in reality he is doing and if you want your business and your economy to boom then you have to make sure that he gets the best experience, so he puts in his most effort with loyalty Let us dig more into this, How can you craft the best employee experience in a work from home setup


You should have a balance in communication, do not micro-manage it, too much communication might make the employee feel less trusted and too little communication can make him feel less monitored. How can you best achieve this,

CHAT, yes !! Have an integrated chat platform that will keep every employee glued with each other on what is happening and have a huddle (we use this term for meetings) 2 times a day with scheduled meetings on your same platform of calendar being integrated.

Allow flexibility

Let your employees know what quality means and how productivity can be doubled. In a work from home setup, 9-5 punching hours of work don’t help. What helps here is allowing your employees the flexibility to work, this doesn't mean losing out on work, but to understand the importance of quality work and productivity.

Walk hand in hand with technology

The future of work can be seen as 75% of millennials, and following the same old school method of emails and reports is not going to work, Uplift your business, walk hands in hands with technology, introduce a cloud-based platform backed and functioned purely by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and sentiment analysis that allows to take surveys and send out pulse polls to keep a check on how your employee is doing. Undoubtedly this keeps your employees much closer!!

Let them be heard

Encourage them to push in their ideas and suggestions, This not only empowers them but also gives them a sense of belonging towards the organization. When employees' ideas and suggestions are heard and necessary actions are taken, they feel much more belonged to the organization and they tend to put in their efforts  2x. That's the magic of it.

Also, it is a concern that millions or workforces are shifting towards the remote working culture and this gives a huge opportunity to hackers to bombard into. The only solution to this would be having your employees boarded into the safest platform which has proper safety certification, and what better than an ISO certified platform!! peopleHum indeed does it for you!!

Having the right platform, right use case and the right spot of employee experience in work from home is the key to any strong culture of an organization.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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