Future essentials 11 - Which innovations will dominate in the future?

Anushka Rajesh
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Future essentials 11 - Which innovations will dominate in the future?

The list is quite clear at this point. Unless there is a radical shift or further innovations.The journey has been road mapped and technology evolution has been incremental. The pace of change and the connectedness seems to be strong and it just feels that tectonic shifts are happening.There are 8 key foundational elements or trends that will impact a whole slew of how we work and how we live.

  1. Mobile, digital assistants and bots
  2. iOT
  3. RPA
  4. Conversational commerce
  5. 3D printing
  6. Drones
  7. Smart devices
  8. Autonomous vehicles
Future essentials 11 - Which innovations will dominate in the future? | peopleHum

A day in your life with disruptive technologies of the future

Early morning

  • You get up in the morning to alarms set on your personal home assistant
  • Talk with your personal digital assistant for schedules for the day
  • Your iOT smart sensor has coffee ready for you beforehand
  • Your personal digital assistant keeps your shower ready and clothes segregated because of the choices you have fed into it before
  • iOT driven smart kitchen cooks breakfast for you again based on pre-schedule tasks or choices fed on your personal digital assistant
  • Your personal digital assistant is smart enough to track your movements, start your automobile to warm it up before you reach it, wash and launder your clothes for tomorrow, order groceries to fill up the refrigerator online and pay for it and ensure that your smart home is in lockdown mode

On your way to work

  • As your autonomous vehicle drives you to work your GPS will track you
  • You catch up on the news or plan for the day sitting in your car without looking up or paying attention to the road
  • Curated, personalised content is available to you to review on your drive over and keep yourself updated
  • You are reminded that you forgot to order a gift for your significant other in just a couple of days
  • When you login to the online store,  you will be offered options based on your personalised choices and previous buying history, your personal digital assistant will automatically select the product, schedule it and pay for it while drones make the deliveries to a product drop area on your balcony

Connecting your personal and professional lives

  • Your personal digital assistant will connect with your professional digital assistant at work. Similar to your spouse connecting with your admin to check on your whereabouts and schedules
  • It will keep a track on your schedules, to-dos, notes, reminders, meetings, travel bookings and other things that you will speak in into the device
  • It will notify your personal digital assistant when you leave office
  • Your work requiring physical manufacturing aspects is totally iOT driven. It has sensors for production schedules, it’s instantly scalable, error proof, makes decisions on quality and manages the assembly line. Certainly, it is self healing so that work is never stopped and machines are constantly humming
  • RPA driven bots intelligently handle your customer service, support, marketing, HR, financial and other internal functions to support your burgeoning business
  • You review content from the creative team, send your feedback on the new commerce interface your company is launching, review reports from data that are automatically collected from all systems, processes and platforms and are available in real-time via your BI enabled software in the cloud.
  • Your office has no data centres, it’s all in the cloud, technology and machine learning integrated everything and it works based on pre-set rules that you have laid down sometime back to run your enterprise

Back home

  • Your washer dryer broke down. As a result, your personal digital assistant sent the request for the faulty and after that, printed it while you were away
  • Your personal digital assistant requested for a home service plumber to visit you during the day
  • The assistant prepares your dinner, sets the temperature, pre-schedules your favourite movie on the TV
  • Your digital assistant sets the bed temperature and firmness before you retire for the night because that's how you like it

Sounds real? Feels like life will be too easy? Such is the beauty of innovations. There is a disruptive shift just around the corner. However, we need to solve a lot of issues covered in previous blogs before we get to this stage of innovations. Stay tuned for more!

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