Dawn of the new millennium and the evolution of HR

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Dawn of the new millennium and the evolution of HR

The dawn of the new millennium was less than just twenty years ago. However, the changes have been tremendous. And as we know,  change is the only thing which is constant.

With every fleeting second and every moving minute, the world is evolving and developing. The world now wears a new attire which has altered  the entire look of it. The difference is visible in various walks of life. It is pronounced and clear in the area of Human Resources.

We have seen the evolution of HR, and how it has given new manifestations to workplaces and work life.

The Evolution of HR

An age old story for the New Millennium

Here we are, at a time with flexible office hours and bot driven lives. Back in the day, this was so not the case. HR, Human Resources were treated exactly like resources and exploited to the maximum.

The working hours were longer and it was hefty. The whole idea of having a manager for the labourers or the employees did not exist until 1920s. Even then, only large scale industries had such a job title.

Benefits and incentives were never on the vocabulary. We have come a long way from skill oriented business to people oriented business. It is hard to imagine a time when everything was manual. Be it employee records, resumes, applications, performance appraisals, if there ever was any. 

Fortunately, with progressive technology and futuristic talent management platforms employees are treated better and the job of an HR has become more defined and easy.

Tales From Yesterday

3 Things of The past which the New Millennium Would Loath.


Imagine one fine day, waking up and realising that the earth has lost its axis. The support system, the one which held it in its place, the one which took all the pain, is no longer there. Definitely, the world would collapse. Human Resource Management is of paramount importance to a company. An HR is the person an employee looks up to during times of need. It is unimaginable at this point of time, to run a company or be in a company without people management.

No one-on-ones or Performance Conversations

A study conducted  by HR outsourcing company TriNet, found that 85% of Millennials feel more confident in their position if they had frequent performance conversations with their managers. Picture a situation where there are no acknowledgements, good or bad and you just feel like a line drawn on water. Let’s just thank evolution and the onset of great people engagement platforms that no feedback is a thing of the past and an old practice.

Zero Transparency

There was once a time where in all the happenings and proceedings in the company was concealed and kept in an invisible black box. Transparency in work and in the promotions, accolades and the like can make the employees stay in the organization for longer. With the help of the smart AI integrated people management systems, it has become all the more simple to keep the transparency intact.

T.S Eliot said, 

“For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await another voice, and to make an end is to make a beginning." 

The old Era is a thing of the past, the new millennium is the new beginning for a better future and a better tomorrow. With the right people management software, a company can ace in the marketplace. peopleHum is the product of the millennium. With smart algorithms and AI, everything is as easy as a hum. So, have you started humming yet?

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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