3 most common distractions at work

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3 most common distractions at work
Success comes to those who remain easily unaffected by distractions.

Funny how there's an ‘easily’ in the sentence. The ideator of the saying probably knew that there will come a time like this - a world filled with distractions. I was watching this video where the lady suggested something like, “Recent studies show that the US economy is bleeding $650 million every year due to distractions at work.” Now that’s a huge amount and I am not sure how much truth lies in this research. What I do know is that these 3 distractions at work are killing your productive work hours. Let's face the reality. It's time.

3 most common distractions at work | peopleHum

The top 3 distractions at work

1. Your phone

71 Whatsapp notifications, 110 unread emails, 47 text messages, 53 slack pings - at times it feels like our lives revolve around these numbers. And it’s great actually, in a way. Communication has become so much more efficient and easy. But do we need all of this when we have 100 tasks to complete? Not really.A distracted mind cannot focus. It is better to cut off from the world and complete a work in 1 hour if it actually needs only 1 hour. You will save so much time that you can use on building some skills or catching up with your parents and friends.

2. Your social media accounts

You will hate me for this but there are times when your social media account becomes a total buzzkill. Photos of your friends chilling on a vacation, your peers from school getting a promotion, your fourth cousin getting engaged and you are just sitting and looking, wondering what went wrong with your life. All this while you are supposed to submit a report, or render data or ideate for a campaign. (Probably that’s what’s going wrong?)I may sound like an old sage but we all lead different lives. Social media is for sharing your experiences and thoughts, to engage better, to connect better. I myself do social media every now and then but it's all cool as long as you are getting the work done and meeting deadlines!

3. Your colleagues

“Hey! I have a question”, “Hey there! Can you please complete my task first”, “Hey let’s go for a break, I’m exhausted!”When it’s about work, you conduct one-on-ones. When it’s about a break, you take one when you need one, not when everybody else needs one. You can crack this by prioritising your time and being on schedule. Time is important and there’s no way out.

I won’t say getting rid of distractions at work is easy, that’s how they become distractions in the first place. In my opinion, it’s normal to have a few distractions at work or life in general. It is a healthy escape from the usual. The trick is to be able to snap back in when required, like having candy but knowing not to have more than 2 (okay, maybe 5).

If you feel you get easily distracted at work or that your employees lack respect towards time, there is an easy way to get things back on track. peopleHum is a diversified employee engagement platform that not only saves you valuable time but also encourages collaboration and integrity at your workplace. While companies cannot do anything, a team that works together adds more value to your organisation than great minds working distinctly!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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