5 tips for effective one-on-ones

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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5 tips for effective one-on-ones

While the world is revolving around the idea of automating mundane tasks, I sat down one day to figure out what humans will do after automation takes the next big leap. Do we ideate, plan, and strategise or is that not enough? If you ask me what more we can do, I’d say there’s this one inconspicuous yet effective factor that determines the core culture of an organisation.

Yes, you got me - interpersonal communication.

To ensure that your employees meet tight deadlines with vigour and enthusiasm (without thinking to quit), you have to conduct effective 1-on-1s with them. You have to open up to them so that they can open up to you.

5 tips for effective one-on-ones | peopleHum

5 tips for effective one-on-ones for engaged employees

1. Make 1-on-1s look easy

Everyone knows how infamous one-on-ones are in raising anger and angst. So, why not make the process super chill and calm? Ask your team members what’s new in their personal lives and smoothly transition your way into their professional lives by asking about any challenges, new ideas, insights, or company feedback.Don’t cancel but reschedule the meet-up if required. Do not entertain calls or emails, give your complete attention to your team members. To make things lighter, conduct these sessions at cafes, where there is enough breathing space.

2. Focus on broad performance standards

Micromanagement, in my personal view, should be forbidden. Great managers and great leaders never micromanage. Instead, they pull their team up with them so that everybody can see the broader picture.If you want to truly judge your team’s performance then study about them before going for the meet-up. Research about what they did on an entire project rather than what they didn’t do on one particular day. As a result, your team will feel a lot more encouraged

3. Encourage a habit of innovation

The lead ideates and the team executes - do NOT live by this antiquated theory. Everybody in your team is there for a reason and they are the ones whom you can trust. If they have been involved in the system for long enough, set them free. Let them come up with ideas - good, bad, or worse - appreciate the good ones, refine the bad ones, and point out reasons why the worse ones won’t work. Never suppress innovation. Big shot businessmen never supported the idea that shoes would ever sell online but look where we are today. In other words, you never know.

4. Set effective goals for the next meet-up

Always have questions for the current meet-up and goals set for the next one. This will keep your team engaged and give them a chance to look forward to upcoming sessions. Encourage them to ask questions to make it a 2-way conversation. Ask them about the current book that they are reading, suggest must-read books to them. Keep them thinking and on their toes, that’s what keeps your business going.

5. Focus on 'us'

Remove the I’s from your speech and focus on the team, focus on ‘we’ & ‘us’. This is the only motivation that they need to go the extra mile, bring in quality referrals, and stay with you to build the business.

In conclusion, I am not saying it’s easy however, in the long run it’s going to be the major driving force to encourage your team. Therefore, we can make robots and machines to do the ordinary tasks because to do the extraordinary, we still need humans! Above all, the beauty of peopleHum is that that enables you to engage and grow your employees in an effective way. Create an open and collaborative environment within peopleHum to bounce ideas, schedule effective one-on-ones, run appraisal cycles, view hiring insights, and more!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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