All you need to know about keeping employees engaged

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All you need to know about keeping employees engaged

It is important to have good employee engagement ideas. Here’s an inspirational thought that could not have explained the importance of employee engagement better.

“Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”

We hear about so many organizations that invest in employee engagement. However, the general question that revolves around is, what is the importance of employee engagement? As per Gallup, across the globe, around 71% of employees are not yet fully engaged. Which in turn leads to a loss of around $11 billion in employee turnover!! On the other hand, companies with engaged employees outperform their counterparts by 202%!! (Source: Dale Carnegie, Engaged Employee Infographic)

All you need to know about keeping employees engaged | peopleHum

Numbers on the plate

There is a thin line of difference between job satisfaction and employee satisfaction. You have to understand the difference between “It’s my work and I have to do it — I am satisfied with my work” and “I love my work, and organization- I feel engaged and involved”. Most people think job satisfaction and employee satisfaction are identical, which is not the case.

People at every level of the organization are looking for a workplace that fits their unique needs and supports them in bringing out their best work. By focusing on creating a culture that appeals to and supports a multi-generational workforce, companies can drive meaningful engagement that attracts and retains the best talent.

Let us look at the 4 traits engaged employees exhibit-

1. Enthusiastic

Engaged employees are always enthusiastic to work. They are open to challenges and want to outperform themselves. They see themselves as an integral part of the organization and are keen to take what comes their way.

2. Inspired

They will show extraordinary quality in their work. They want to do things that matter and works to ensure that their work is worthy. There is a happiness which gleams from within and hence, there is no need for an external force needed to make them deliver quality.

3. Confident

Confidence is one of the most promising traits of an engaged employee. When we say employee engagement is important, we mean that employee engagement is of utmost importance. It has a direct reflection on the productivity of employees and ultimately, productivity is what you are aiming for.

4. Empowered

Engaged employees are empowered, employees. A well-planned employee engagement program will help the employees feel valued and worthy. This will lead them to be more empowered. They feel motivated and stronger.

Let’s look at how we can ace employee engagement with these employee engagement ideas.

Give your employees a casual, democratic atmosphere

A casual atmosphere will inculcate a sense of belonging in the minds of the employees. A strict and hostile workplace can cause fear and stress in the employees which will lead to lesser productivity and passion. Top companies like Google, for instance, conduct afternoon volleyball matches. It is one of the best parts of Google’s culture. Google is a “flat” company and has smaller teams and hence lacks a strict top-down hierarchy. This helps in avoiding the “monkey effect” and providing opportunities for thoughtful discussions about decisions for the company.

Further, it helps understand the importance of employee engagement in the workplace. Employee engagement ideas need not be over the top or exemplary, they just have to be true, honest and genuine.

A gentle pat on the back

Sherly Sandberg, as the vice president of Google, made a mistake, that cost Google several million dollars. When she confessed the mistake to the co-founder, Larry Page, his response to it was — “I’m so glad you made this mistake,” he said. “Because I want to run a company where we are moving too quickly and doing too much, not being too cautious and doing too little. If we don’t have any of these mistakes, we’re just not taking enough risk.”

Employee appreciation leads to a culture that is fearless and which encourages people to take more risks, as it better to take risks and fail than to stay stagnant and not take risks. To foster meaningful and tranquil environment words of appreciation take an employee and the work environment a long way.

Create a sense of belonging to show the importance of employee engagement

It is very important for organizations to establish a sense of the difference between work and workplace. Even Einstein said, “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There should be “Open for All” forums where people can post toned and untoned ideas and give a fresh perspective to things. This would inculcate in them a sense of belongingness to the place and the work.

Ensure that the employees are growing personally

An employee growing personally is a sign of an engaged employee, which means that the workgroup is a good fit and is providing enough for you to feel good. Thus, making the individual feel that he/she is in the right role. Also, companies need to include more learning opportunities.

However, you need to understand that giving promotions is not the same as giving the employee an opportunity to learn or to grow personally. How do we go about focusing on the importance of employee engagement?

For that matter, the sense of opportunity and engagement lies in contributing to the organization’s goals and learning along the way.

Practicing Transparency And Open-Door Environment

In Google, sharing all the product roadmaps and launch plans are discussed openly while updating the employees on where the company is headed and why. This helps the employees feel like a part of something greater than just a conglomerate of anonymous individuals.

More like, focusing on the importance of employee engagement in unique ways. This can make its people more productive. Let’s hit the road to employee engagement.

Employees are the backbone of every organization. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your employees creative and motivated. While there may be times of distress and pressure, your employees will need you to be their support. The level of enthusiasm and dedication that your employees feel has a lot to do with their emotional connection with your organization. The key is to ensure that you are keeping employees engaged enough.

Measuring Employee Engagement

You might have plenty of employee engagement ideas but it boils down to the fact whether these employee engagement ideas are working or not. Measuring Employee engagement is like measuring happiness. The absolute value is immaterial. What matters is relativity across organizations and trends trending green. Data needs to be collected in the aggregate and normalized using statistics.

Surveys are the most popular tools

Employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys, NPS, CSAT, etc., measure how connected the employee feels. The factor that matters most is a broad-based cross-company survey that highlights how employees feel.

With the right clarity and use cases, you can use AI and machine learning to take the pulse on employee sentiment. Further, it can help in the identification of factors that have the biggest positive and negative impact on your organization.

You can collect the data with such tools and can possibly empower organizations with insights to adjust and update their policies for creating a more engaged workforce. Hence, a single tool that can help unify workforces is essential for organizations to easily uplift their employees and work culture. In fact, it is best this way to inculcate the importance of employee engagement in the easiest possible manner.

Social media tools like glassdoor, google for business are inaccurate since they have a tendency to vent. And negative emotions are better triggers to write and rate than positive triggers. More like, natural human tendency, and we can do nothing more about that.

Measuring employee engagement via timed pinpoint surveys

It is an approximate process. It needs to be wide enough to gain a predictive value. Gallup does one and so does AON Hewitt but those are yearly and with the rate of change a lot can change in a year. With the average stay of an employee being 1.5 years, an annual survey does not really provide much insight.

Also, it is difficult to get a pulse for your particular segment and region will be difficult to get a hold of. So what options do you have so that you can get some sense of how you are keeping employees engaged and what are the levers that you can use to improve engagement?

What is the best approach to keeping employees engaged?

The best approach is to measure how the employee engage with their workplace. Various aspects of responsiveness, completeness, volunteering ideas and accountability as well as the feedback as a part of the performance management process add to an individual’s engagement.

The problem with today’s tools are multifold. We do not have too many new age engagement platforms that work for people. Also, we are completely fragmented in getting one view of all the people's touchpoints in the chain. The tools that we have for surveys, polls, ideation, rewards, recognition, hiring and performance measurement don’t talk to each other.

As a result, we lose the integrated view and the insights that could lead to a 2+2 = 5. Hence, engagement to measure, trend and be impactful is more broad-based than sending a survey.


The key takeaways from this blog are:

  • Your employees must be the nub of your concern
  • Keep them creative and motivated and they will be engaged
  • Measure what needs to be managed
  • Employee engagement ideas must be genuine and true.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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