Engaging your employees at work - Engage essential 1

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Engaging your employees at work - Engage essential 1

The level of enthusiasm and dedication that your employees feel has got a lot to do with their emotional connection with your organisation. A key is to ensure that you are engaging your employees enough.

An Ideal Organisation

What does a high performing ideal organisation of the future look like? One with specialised skills, a flatter hierarchy, smaller teams and focus on quality of engagement of people. Much rather than filling the box with a name that checks out.

How do you work towards engaging your employees? We have built an entire industry around this one question. Therefore, it is common to witness consultant pitching models. Or trainers lining up with surveys and programs. And the HR is told to increase engagement but only has anecdotes to point out to?

Why all the clutter?

Is there a way to measure the engagement levels in an organisation?

Growing up I heard this story - 2 friends come across a bear in the woods. One drops down on his knees to pray while the other starts tying his shoe. The friend praying says, “What are you doing? You cannot outrun a bear”, to which the second one replies, “I don’t, I only have to outrun you”

The relative here is more important than the absolute. What is engagement? More importantly, how do we measure engagement at work?

Is it one thing or all of the above?

It's actually all of the above. Teams and individuals prepare themselves to craft or respond to any situation or opportunity being fully prepared and organised to do so in the fastest possible way.

The keyword again is fastest. Faster than the-

  • Competition while the consumer demand is changing
  • SLA and faster than when a customer feels frustrated
  • Other guy, who can launch something unique that takes away your business

Engaging your employees

The ramifications are wide, of course. With an interconnected world, the mean time between change has shrunk. Ideas in one part of the world are instantaneously communicated all over on media. A small ripple now has a longer range since the whole world hears about it and reacts.

Engaging your employees with such formless information borders and constant public scrutiny of all actions, emotions and consequence has no boundaries. How does one ensure survival in this limitless ocean of information where ripples spread into longevity?

We will address these and more such questions in this essential series. Stay tuned and keep humming. Meanwhile, get to know more about peopleHum, our employee engagement platform. It is robust and cares about the needs of your organisation and your employees.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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