How to write an effective job description - Hire Essential 6

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How to write an effective job description - Hire Essential 6

To conduct essential hire processes for getting the right candidate, first you must determine the need for the resource. This is best done by writing a JD. But how do you write an effective Job description that attracts the most suitable talent?

A Job Description, in short, informs the candidate about the skills and qualifications required for the role or position being advertised. A JD is to be viewed as a finely scripted synopsis of the ideal candidate to perform the job.

How to write an effective Job Description that attracts the best talent?

A few pointers before you know more about how to write a Job Description-

  • An opener about the organisation: The candidate looking to apply may not know too much about the organisation. It is helpful to put in a few lines describing the same.
  • Write about the company culture: Cultural fits are now more regarded than skills to perform the job. Talk a little bit about what you represent.
  • Talk about the group that is directly involved with the job role: Type in some details about the group, the problem it is trying to solve, the constituency it intends to serve, the product it aspires to build or the services it provides.
  • Provide a background of the reporting manager: People don’t leave companies. They leave the managers they work for. People also join organisations for the managers they are going to be working for.
  • Give details of the job: This will help job seekers to decide in case of special circumstances or needs. It is typically helpful to state the percentage of time one expects the employee to travel in the position.
  • Which office is the candidate going to work at: If your organisation is present across multiple locations or cities, it would be helpful to let prospective candidates figure out commuting options.
  • Benefits that the job provides: Flexible hours, work from home and other such details that your company supports for prospects to make judicious decisions.
  • Perks provided: Talk about insurance coverage or other aspects you believe are important for the prospects to decide.
  • Point to profiles of smart people working in the company: Smart people inspire, especially if they have done something unique and have a brand. They tend to be talent magnets, so use the association to your benefit.

These factors will be extremely beneficial in engaging in essential hire processes in order to get the right candidate for your organization's needs!

Style and substance

  • Keep the Job Description short since no one reads an elaborate synopsis
  • Use bullets to communicate the gist
  • Use simple, easy-to-read everyday language
  • Expand acronyms to avoid misreads or misinterpretations
  • Separate and clearly label ‘Must have’ from ‘Good to have’
  • No spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar
  • Be specific - No maybes or ‘probably’
  • Provide a summary first and then the details
  • Tell the candidate that their role will be meaningful & impactful
  • Personalise - If you aim high, then aim personal

Time is money

Lastly, be respectful towards people’s time. Keep it short and consumable. An effective Job Description should not take more than 3 minutes to read. If it takes more than 3 minutes, then you have lost the prospect’s interest by that time. If you need more insights on essential hire procedures and how to write a JD, you can always get in touch with the peopleHum team. peopleHum is the most sought after people engagement platform that serves you right throughout the journey of an employee in your organisation.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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