From Doordarshan to Netflix; From paperworks to technology

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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From Doordarshan to Netflix; From paperworks to technology

If one were to take a time capsule and go back in time, everything would look surreal and alien.  Everything has changed with the advent of smart technology. It is quite hard to believe that the dawn of the new millennium was just twenty years back.

It’s interesting that day by day nothing changes and yet, when you look back, everything is different. Sometimes, we are left in a place with no breadcrumbs to show us the way back. But with smart technology, there are endless breadcrumbs that will take us down the lane of nostalgia.

From DD to Netflix

If you are a millennial, ask your parents what their fondest childhood memory was and they'll definitely have a tale of Sunday evening, DD movie screening to talk about. It would also have instances from Malgudi Days, or Hum Log or thousand other nuances from the golden era.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. As a result, the content has taken up new forms and shapes. From a time when people used to wait for one particular day to watch movies in a single screen, where the entire family gathers, to a time when everything is just a finger away, even the latest of movies, we have come a long way. Not only that, the availability of content in multiple mediums have skyrocketed to the next strata.

Netflix and other OTT platforms, for instance, are proof of how far we have come. The fact that DD is planning to launch an OTT platform is evidence of how well the world alters and adapts to become a better version of itself.

From Mom’s Sunday Special to Swiggy’s sunday offers

From oil lamps to LED lights

From telegrams to skype calls

From post offices to office outlook

From apples to APPLE!

The world has come such a long distance in such a short time. 

When we look back, we can notice that nothing is the same anymore. Every nook and corner has revolutionized in more ways than imaginable. 

The entry of Smart Technology

Technology has been a part of the world for a very long time. It is the advancement in technology that has made all the difference. The normal bulb was essentially a technology, the one which lights up the room with a switch was and is a piece of innovation to be proud of. But, with the advent of smart technology, the same light is just a clap or movement or command away.

For instance, the entry of people management software restyled the way HR worked and with the advancement of it, that is to say with the integration of AI and algorithms, things have taken a different direction altogether. It’s like it has reached a new horizon. It makes the job of HR easier than ever before.

Changes, changes, and Changes

Twenty years before, If you were to tell yourself that the endless employee records and screening gazillions of applications was just a finger click away, you wouldn’t have believed it. Or rather would have thought that it is ridiculous. But with HR automation it has become possible. It also helps to keep track of employee benefits, appraisals and likewise. 

Hiring, engaging, managing and nurturing has all become automated

Understanding the language of employees literally and figuratively has become painless. You don’t have to hit in the dark anymore, not knowing the expectations of employees. 

Sometimes, it’s good to do a little eavesdropping. The latest people management software will also bring you the word around the block as people can voice their opinions anonymously if they want to.

Changes are inevitable. So, rather than resisting them, try and embrace them. You'll soon notice that it’s just like that new song which you didn’t like in the beginning but now can’t live without. To continue reading about the evolution of HR, click here.

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