Future Essentials 1 - Artificial intelligence will rule

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Future Essentials 1 - Artificial intelligence will rule

Here is a “futurein” for you

Yes, I just crafted the term tiring out on typing the future of work, future of the workplace, glimpses of the future, flow of future, flow of work etc. In fact, let's try to keep this short with due apologies to the distinguished consulting set. Any interchange of goods, services, knowledge will be increasingly controlled and performed by machines anyhow. Automation of low hanging fruits will reside in the transaction space. They ask, "Is artificial intelligence going to rule the world?" So, we give them a list where in future essentials artificial intelligence will rule with a typical futuristic example-

Siri – go find me a new red dress for Friday, budget till $100 and have it delivered by Thursday night
Alexa – make sure plumbing looks at the leaky tap in the upstairs bathtub
Alexa – feel like having a steak for dinner tonight
Cortana – I'll be back by 7pm, keep dinner and the house ready and make sure you remind Ted to pick up wine

That is on the personal side.

How about the business side of things?

Book a travel ticket, pay for it and file expenses for it
Project demand for procurement, automatic ordering and fulfilment through online channels
Find 2 candidates and pre-screen them for a JD for Tom's team because Joe left
Facial recognition for additional security

And a whole lot more is getting ready to be automated whereas some of it already is. Thanks to artificial intelligence.

Moreover, it's our nearest future and not the distant one. My crystal balling and readily predictable futureins fade away circa 2028 while predicted singularity sets in (more of that later).

Future of work with artificial intelligence

The worry behind all this - we will very well cope with the conveniences quickly on the personal side but are we ready to cope up with the change that keeps us busy at work. I say that because most of us are occupied by jobs that feed the machines, enter data, process transaction, fulfil them, report on them, punch it into a machine. So are we ready for the future of work?

Let the machine tell you how much a customer owes you - it’s a data economy and we are cogs in it. Now the machines are done being fed and will start catering to our needs. What would you like the machine to feed you today? Where do you want to go today? What would you like to do today? Let artificial intelligence do it all for you.

To watch us craft this journey of the workplace of the future, join us at www.peoplehum.com and let us know what you feel by participating. It's free to feel and try out.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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