A future-proof career - Future essentials 2

Anushka Rajesh
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A future-proof career - Future essentials 2
They are dividing the camps. Experts are lining up with definitive bets that will make or break them and the personal brands that they have so painstakingly crafted. There are camps where the terminology is being crafted daily, the buzzwords now are being forgotten faster than new ones are being created. "Do we have a future proof career?"

The worried vs the optimists

People, experts, governments are worrying in one camp. Where there is smoke there's fire, where there is a crowd there is a fight when the consultants get excited, things are about to change. Are you worried? The machines are going to take over and put you in a jello filled container for eternity.

A future-proof career - Future essentials 2 | peopleHum

In the other camp are the optimists. Change is inevitable. Mankind has survived the advent of industrial machines by learning new skills – economies boomed for the ones that embraced change. First came the automobiles to connect the world outside of a 30-mile radius. Air travel made the world an oyster, television brought the world to my living room and I now carry a connection to every second human in my right pocket. These were transformational aspects that changed the way we live, enjoy, and interact.We survived, indeed.In fact, the machines will give us time to adjust since we will most definitely design them for an evolutionary journey too. Likewise, there will be more options to explore for humans.

Do we still have a future proof career?

We survived the internet and now have the lowest unemployment ever. There are more jobs than humans to fill them and we will do the same when the machines are here. There is nothing we can do to stop rapid growth and change.Whichever camp you are in – change is coming. Ensure you understand the realm of possibility of automation and the machines taking over the transaction in your functional professional world. You have the necessary skills to redesign and retool. Tectonic change sets mankind on a different plateau and we surely seem to be ready to climb another one soon.Hopefully, we will survive with our future proof career!

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