Find your professional delta - Future essentials 3

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Find your professional delta - Future essentials 3
The engineers and mathematicians know this. Any change from the norm is always termed as delta. How about our friends in the human capital business? What's the professional delta of an individual? Or a group?

Can professional delta be termed as adaptability?

Actually I'd like to believe it's more than that. Adaptability sounds reactive. Adapt to danger variety. We need a better word. A word that describes perception and readiness, for instance. It's not about reacting to defend yourself when you come across a bear but going to hunt a bear and knowing where to find it. More importantly, how you will take it down.Before the advent of the internet business models used to change every 10-20 years. The internet has brought us all closer and reduced our degrees of separation. Has it been reduced to less than 6 degrees of separation across individual? Probably LinkedIn knows and it also knows how much it affects our professional delta.

Find your professional delta - Future essentials 3 | peopleHum

The rate of change is rapid

The business life cycles of some companies are counted in months what usually used to be years and decades. Terms like mean time between change (MTBC) and mean time between response (MTBR) are being crafted by consultants to describe the nimbleness of business models. And responsiveness to changing consumer needs and market conditions.

Look at the examples around you and what the press glorifies as leaders today. They all seem to be lonely megalomaniacs.

What does all this mean for your personal delta? Is it going to do any good in the long run?

Technology advancements and the economist's fantasy

The fantasy with measuring productivity tells us that we continue to get more and more productive. Therefore, the professional delta becomes lesser. As the era of machines dawns on us, productivity shifts up a gear too. Machines are tireless and will take manual tasks from us.Meanwhile, we can focus on our deltas and hone our skills. Like, how calculators put a slow end to doing mental math and now the advent of analytical engines will mean that we start discovering higher order EQ and Social IQ. The right brain, less understood by us as compared to the predictive left brain, will gain more importance in our lives.Create rather than consume, spur your creativity and hone your emotional intelligence.

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