Future Essentials 5 – Evolution of the World

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Future Essentials 5 – Evolution of the World
Sadly, there is jostling even currently for domination. The hegemony of global corporates are replacing the wars of old. Conquering land and territory is no longer the objective, but data is the new gold and oil. We are currently looking at the evolution of the world.

Large American corporates are building new empires

Large American corporates have data about all aspects of the user/consumer combined. It is helping us build new empires and walk towards the evolution of the world. American innovation driving from the west and Chinese counteracts from the east. Likewise, large digitally tracts in connected markets like India, South Korea, and Indonesia are being fought over. The country level data is being bought out in acquisitions and deals. As China builds a string of pearls moat around American domination on all things Digital.

The future is still unsettling

The trends that are here to stay-

  • Ease of creating new businesses
  • The availability of cloud-based infrastructure for rent that scales instantaneously
  • Libraries of open source APIs that can jump-start any digital business
  • Availability of resources to work on ad-hoc from far away lands at a low unit cost

The digital wave is sweeping away the smaller countries. What is their scope while we fight this battle? As a matter of fact, corporates in a far away land have a better sense of their citizen’s lives rather than governments. The fear is real but can a corporate influence us? On the contrary, can we manipulate it for buying and voting choices and change the course of history? It is already starting to work its way in the system with major elections.

evolution in business

How do governments apply taxation to function?

Governments are waking up to fears because data is the new gold. They do not have-

  • Global friends
  • The citizen’s data
  • The open option of being influenced to choose one candidate vs the other
  • Control over what citizens buy from where with the onslaught of global eCommerce

The walls are coming. For our political system to survive, it needs boundaries, access, control and knowledge of the transaction. When we test all of these aspects, government influence on our daily lives is reducing and the political haves do not like that. Besides, most governments are now re-tooling for the sake of citizen privacy laws and hence, impeding global corporates, which used to roam freely.

Europe started with the application of GDPR and more such compliance frameworks are sure to come. Further, they do it by dictating how corporates seek, store, transact and leverage data in the future.  Some say this will disrupt the way we govern and lead our lives but I say these are important challenges for humanity to solve.

Working towards evolution of the world

Will a corporate board replace democracy? We don’t know it for sure but what we do know is that we must create an organisational culture that is not disrupted. We can ensure that we are working towards the evolution of the world because we have a great employee engagement platform. Did you get the Hum yet?

Stay tuned for stage 2 of the domination games to create a new world order.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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