Paying the Amazon tax to Bezos - Future essential 6

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Paying the Amazon tax to Bezos - Future essential 6

What is the theme for the future while Bezos rules the world? The focus is going to shift to the individuals who pay the Amazon tax. How do governments and corporations play to the whims and fancies of individuals?

We are drawing up the battle lines

Here's a simple example. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and comparing the business model & future growth. It shows how Jeff Bezos is trying to control the access to the individual. Guess politics and politicians messed it up. They did not get the sense of designing laws and policies around the individual. Governing systems became more arcane and did not keep up with the changing needs of the society.

The basic level in Maslow’s hierarchy is physiological – these are basic needs and that’s where Amazon started with. Providing individuals with what they need by creating the world's store. It has everything you need besides air and water which are free or close to free. Likewise, Amazon should get into the water business just to ensure coverage of the whole playground.

Bezos rules the world with Amazon and the Amazon tax

With Alexa, you have now given Amazon an entry into your homes - your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. And it is positioned to satisfy the next level in the hierarchy. Call 911 in an emergency, consult a doctor, sell you insurance, take care of your financial needs with the new venture with JP Morgan or venturing to take care of your healthcare needs.

So Jeff Bezos rules and seems all set to capture the 2nd level of an individuals needs hierarchy. Powerful icons realise the vision and are partnering with Amazon instead of being left out in the cold. With one man controlling access and knowing about the individual buying patterns, needs, conversations. Most likely, thoughts for a third of the planet as well. Maybe Amazon also ends up creating or buying a home security system so that no other competitor gets a leg in during this rapid change.

Paying the Amazon tax to Bezos - Future essential 6 | peopleHum

Alexa has become a family member

With Alexa, Amazon now has a chance of having an omnipresence – speech, video and conversational which is more natural for humans rather than clunky menus on 5” screens. Imagine Alexa becoming your device to connect to the world – social, personal or self.  So with Amazon Prime on your TV and devices and Alexa for social and all other needs. As a result, telecom monopolies will fall, industries will be wiped out and all of us will start paying the Amazon tax in addition to Income taxes.

You never know when Bezos pallys up with Zuckerberg. Probably to help with playing the guardian of the social conscience as people try to influence elections. Along with collective thoughts and buying patterns and offers to buy out Facebook. Social needs calendar for a third of humanity – done checked and accomplished.

So, what's in store for the future?

Amazon seems to be leapfrogging. For instance, it is keeping the individual at the centre and serving as an access channel to individual needs. In exchange, you would pay the Amazon tax to gain this access to these individual needs. In fact, this was an ambitious plan for when governments lost sight of the individual and now Jeff Bezos rules by stepping in. This enabled him to establish his empire and become the richest man. It's all about control and losing control from governments to Amazon will draw the battle lines.

Your place of worship might very well move under an Amazon brand name when it starts selling you Nirvana. Stay tuned to see more from Amazon.

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