Who is at the centre for the future of work? - Future essentials 8

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Who is at the centre for the future of work? - Future essentials 8

YES – the future revolves around you. Your whims and fancies, personal and professional choices, habits, opinions, political and religious leanings, sleep and wake patterns, moods and swings et al. It’s all about YOU at the centre. The world wants to know and understand and you are giving away all this information for free. Or for peanuts. In fact, even paying for it when you buy the fit-bit, the tracking soles in your shoes, the connected clothing or Google home, Alexa or thousands of connected devices. It’s like an Alien invasion and the fastest way to study a human race is to hook them up for monitoring all thoughts, motion, actions and words.

What encompasses the centre for the future of work?

Who is at the centre for the future of work? - Future essentials 8 | peopleHum

Hyperconnected in the future

You will be connected in the future, hyper-connected actually.To your smart home, smart city, smart kids, smart family, smart fridge, smart TV, smart everything. At work, you will be polled, egged, nudged, studied since the org will know all about you. Your social choices, your professional history, when you sneezed, what choices do you make and how you make them, when your face was recognised passing by to the stairwell on 6th to get some air time. It will calculate the probability of you being able to complete a task in time, show up for work today, when and where will you vacation next. You personal assistant google home or Alexa device will offer you a line of credit when your balance dips, suggest insurance carriers when you buy a new car and find you a new job when you are not even looking.


There will be a personalised world for YOU. What you like is what you will be fed. I mean read.Information overload is so passe. It is so 90s and early 2000s. Personalisation and recommendation is in. Everyone needs speed – personalised. It’s like the Porsche - 200 mph just for me. Borrowing from learnings in eCommerce where personalisation and recommendation led to faster product buy and larger cart sizes, the experience will shift to our consumption of information and news.Get access to every game, every score, every player at all times. Subscribe to feeds you like, products you want, vacations you want to take, people you admire, cars you want to buy, homes you want to remodel and have digital assistants, hunt, compare, recommend, schedule and pay for whatever you need.


Fake news is real. And the solution is not trivial. Curation would become more important as trust on what we consume fades. It sounds real but maybe it’s not real. The 2% destroys the 98%. As a result, mankind starts to focus or lose focus on what’s real and what’s marketed.I will allow content that is verified, vouched for, peer reviewed, centralised, guaranteed and not affiliated, inside my Digital firewall. This will be in the future.


Let’s do away with the menu please? It is one of the most clumsy, clunky, limiting, draconian approach to information structure and access. I do not want to put you at the centre of my experience design so I will design for my convenience and you figure out the training aspects of using me. Humans communicate verbally much more effectively rather than a one-way structured approach to access information and knowledge. They say that 70% of all communications is non-verbal (which typically carries the intuitive, emotive and intent portions). A menu driven approach gives less than a denominational 10% chance that I will be satisfied that I got a 100% information I was looking for. And please stop asking “Did you find what you were looking for?” through polls. Since it is a senseless and irrelevant question. No one's going to do it today or in the future. There are counter forces at play in the market which we will cover in another blog but democratisation of my transactions, my actions, my profile and my information will primarily move to the blockchain. It is my life in a journal. I will be able to journal my interactions with private, personal, professional, contractual and others. Even make it available based on permissions that I grant. Apply for a new job and I can grant the employer access to my professional chain. All salaries, appraisals, rewards, recognitions, accolades, hiring, firing, decisions stored on the cloud in the chain – the blockchain. We will talk about the social upheaval that the tech disruption wave will bring in the future in the next blog post.

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