Hire a high-performance team with automation technology

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Hire a high-performance team with automation technology

High Volume Recruitment Drive with automation technology

When a company is growing at a fast pace there is a need to recruit more and more employees in a restricted amount of time. High volume recruitment processes where 100 positions have to be filled in under 3 months, training sessions have to be conducted prior to the completion of recruitment, teams have to be allocated to the candidates and everything has to be done with consistency and transparency.

The ultimate goal is to build a team of leaders and outperformers who can guarantee positive ROI and those who don’t abscond. Making use of a sound strategy definitely gives you an upper hand but why not save some time with technological upgrades? You can hire candidates who excel in their respective fields but how do you build a connection with them so that they remain loyal to you in the long run? The answer is automation and hire with technology. Mckinsey suggests the same-

Here’s how automation technology can help you find all the solutions to conduct an effective high volume recruitment drive.

Sort out your numerical requirement right at the start

Do you want 15 people working on a project? Or do you want to create a small, concise team of 5 members who are dedicated and provide quality deliverables even when there is a time crunch?

Assign resources from the recruitment team according to your needs and requirements. You wouldn’t want to invest 3 resources for a plan where only 1 could have done a better job or vice versa.

Resume parsing helps you prioritise the most suitable candidates and interview them first. There’s no way you’d find time to sit and review 500 resumes, which I’m sure a company receives for a position on an average. If you find the right match right at the beginning then why invest more time when 90% of the decision is already made. In case you wish to pursue further, it would waste yours as well as the other candidate’s time.

Reminds me of the time back in college when we had to study before an exam. Unless you were regular in class at making notes and studying from the book on a daily basis, you would know how important those summary notes were. Reading a long story gives you a feel-good experience but it is equally annoying when you don’t have the time for that.

Hire a high-performance team with automation technology | peopleHum

Add decision makers and stakeholders to give more authenticity

At the time of interview make sure that the candidate gets enough validation from you and your team. The candidate is new and doesn’t know anything about you. So, making them meet the decision-makers of the company and the key stakeholders will be more authentic.

Especially during the high volume recruitment process when you are recruiting a huge number of your future employees in a large group, this is one activity that will make all of them feel important and wanted. We are not talking about a special treatment here but a treatment that is personalised and real. The new joinees should be able to believe in themselves that their contribution will be meaningful. One of the many reasons why people love Apple products is because they don’t just sell their products but because they sell an experience. They let customers their own personal stories with their products.

A people engagement tool will make sure that the meetings between the candidates and the leadership are scheduled as per their availability. The tool also helps the leadership to give a score to the interaction, based on which the next decision maker can prepare for the session. This will help give a lot more perspective to the leaders

If you want to get something done then be willing to invest first

What are the objectives of performance management?

  • Suitable task allocation
  • Skill building
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Setting future goals
  • Measuring ROI

These are the things that the management expects out of an employee. However, the key is to invest on them first so that all things fall in place later. You must assign suitable KRAs and KIPs to them. Ask them what more they would enjoy doing. See if their suggestions correspond to their skill set. Give them books to read. Conduct relevant workshops for them to learn more. Make them believe that they can go beyond their comfort zone. Offer them an encouraging compensation and performance bonus. Appreciate them for taking initiatives. Reward them for their exemplary performance. If you are doing something greater and better to manage and encourage your employees then let the world know. Inspire other corporates and help them lead their employees.

When it's time for you to conduct performance appraisal you will see how much constructive this approach was. Your employees will know exactly on which projects they worked. They will be able to measure on their own how their ideas performed. You will have a fair and concrete idea on how much your employees are contributing towards the company's financial growth.

Focus on the conversion without compromising the connection

Don’t compromise on the relationship just for the sake of making a conversion. It will hurt more when you find out eventually that the conversion is rather toxic than productive. Especially at a time when you are engaged in a high volume recruitment process. If you want to build performers out of your employees then you must not lose the connection. The best way is to be careful right from the beginning. Share stories about your work, tell them about the initial struggle, previous workspaces, past experiences and get involved in their professional lives. Make them feel like they belong.

There is a similar article about how network building and consulting is more important. There is something that millennials care about a little more than how much they care for compensation. Of course, they want to be well-paid for being great at their work but they would never compromise on the connection part.

Make job responsibilities more interesting to keep up the quality

Here are a few questions for you-

  • Do you watch movies that don’t excite you?
  • Are you okay with going to the same restaurant every time you want to eat out?
  • How often do you change your social media display and cover photo?

When you think about it you realise how important it is to have some amount of movement and change. Be it your personal life or professional, you want some guarantee that you won’t be stuck with the same pay, same job responsibilities, designation, etc., for a long time. I understand how some professionals look out for stability and consistency but that doesn’t mean that they want to miss out on the fun, adventure and professional development opportunities.

Therefore, when you conduct a high volume recruitment process make sure that you are giving them enough room to think about their growth while working for you. When you hire with technology, the people in a group then you have to give them some amount of assurance. Tell them how they would not be lost in the crowd.

So basically, set your priorities straight, have a sound plan and strategy, don’t digress, invest in tools, add decision makers, build connections and keep things interesting and fun. Managing a high volume recruitment process can be painful but flinching will only make things worse. Trust technology and go ahead with it.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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