Hire essential 1 -  How to find motivation and establish goals

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Hire essential 1 -  How to find motivation and establish goals

How to find motivation to establish goals for keeping up the game at work? No, we are not talking about employee engagement. We are asking you to hire right.

Not the perfect but the right talent

Finding the right talent has exponential benefits to any organisation. A right hire can accelerate business results and set the overall competitive benchmark internally. Getting that right individual is, however, the biggest challenge that any organisation faces even if you are a premier and sought after hiring brand.

Talent that aligns, drives, communicates and connects. Finding such talent is half the battle won for achieving your business results.

How to find motivation to establish goals every day?

Communicate the vision, make her believe. Check whether it resonates. Now ask her what she would like to do? Don’t just look at the resume and get on with it – ease her into talking about herself. Check if she has picked up on your vision and is trying to align her ambitions with it. Ask her what motivated her to apply to your company. A vision sets purpose and assigns a goal for the organisation – check if she has picked up on it and aligns her needs from a job to that vision.

Some other behavioural questions we focus on include asking what her life goals are? What is more important to her? Typically if she has bluffed on the vision alignment question you would find mismatches. My vision is to change the world with the power of technology is misaligned with a goal of saving enough money by December to take a world cruise.

Think about how to find motivation every day at work. In fact, think about the things you would want to experiment to get the right motivation.

Hire Essential 1 - How to find motivation and establish goals- peoplehum

Define an ideal employee

Check for alignment fits to your ideal employee. An innocuous question is how does she spend her weekends? In fact, if there are things she is passionate about that will be reflected in how she spends her free time.

For instance, interviewing a babysitter for my daughter. I asked her the free time question and she said she likes to escape to the mountains and go rock climbing. A great passion, indeed, but if you are very outdoorsy then the job requires you to stay at home for the most past and watch the baby. This, no doubt, isn’t a good fit for the role of a babysitter.

Make it more of a conversation

Check for behavioural and other personality aspects. If the candidate or prospect talks about and connects her past and what she wants to do in the future with your vision, you might have a fit. Focus more on attitude rather than aptitude because you can learn the right aptitude on the job. However, it is very difficult to change the attitude and you need attitude to succeed.

Yet again, how to find motivation at work for each and every day? This is crucial to establish goals. It may become a task if it has to be on a daily basis because it simply becomes unnecessarily mundane. For this, organisational and culture fit play an important role as compared to a role fit. If there is chemistry, you have a candidate who is eager to join and contribute. In the end, you’d have found the right hire! In fact, finding the right motivation is not even a task anymore this way. Indeed, it’s not easy but peopleHum is always there to help.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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