The art of writing a resume - Hire essential 10

Anushka Rajesh
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The art of writing a resume - Hire essential 10

With so many how-to’s available online, writing a resume is no longer a task. If you are beginner and want to know a little bit more about the art of writing a resume, we can start with sheer basics.

What is a resume?

A resume is a statement of facts (and a little bit of sell) about where you are from, have been and what you have done. With quick and 2 click approach for applying to several jobs at once, the art of writing a specific resume has gone through the door. Hence, no one tends to personalise for the company and job anymore but personalises for the self. Statistics plays a role here with a plethora of options.

I have not spent too much time researching the job or taken the effort to highlight aspects that fit the role that the company is looking for so, I’d rather spray and pray.

What is the art behind writing a resume?

The art of writing a resume - Hire essential 10 | peopleHum

Do it old style, for instance. Put in the effort to research the role and company and highlight aspects on how you would fit the role. Go traditional for a change and it will be refreshing for people screening your resume. Write a story of how you fit the role and why you would be the right match. Just like writing the perfect resume.

After a while, it would be like discovering the perfect cheesecake but all start to taste the same. Give your resume some oomph. Personalise it as if you are having a conversation with someone. Make it look like you are actually talking to them to convince them that they should consider you above everyone else.

Go traditional and see the benefits

When the world around you seems to go for one size fits all playing statistics and praying that the perfect job drops into their laps, you win the situation by going traditional. Play different to win. Custom crafted beats cookie cutter any day. But realise that the world of hiring is increasingly being driven by machines. So, in the next series we will talk about how do you get your resume past the gates. Which are guarded by machines judging you based on pattern matching and fitment algorithms.

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