Hire Essential 5 - Talent acquisition is all about hiring quality

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Hire Essential 5 - Talent acquisition is all about hiring quality

When you are on a journey to transform the way we live today, you need the support of hard-working, talented people. No doubt, the journey is not easy but the dedication of such people makes the journey worth it. Therefore, don't shy away from investing your time, money and energy in talent acquisition and get the right candidate on board with top-notch hiring quality.

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First step towards the right talent acquisition

Empower people to take quality-based decisions. That's the right way to go about it. Try to hire right the first time itself and don't settle. Leave the position open a little longer if you need to, to get the right candidate.

We tried the centralised pooled concept of hiring but it wasn't very fruitful. We had issues of course but we realised our mistakes. Questions around each round of interview were not aligned. Without a robust JD, the hiring process was generic. Individuals were more evaluated for concepts and theory. Interviewers across rounds did not communicate what areas were checked and what needed to be focused on in the next round.

Long story short, the talent acquisition process looked more like a hook or miss. Hiring errors rose since we were in a human dependent process without proper planning and organisation. It's good that we got to know about it through our own interview process. We can always get better this way.

Recruitment learnings from past experiences

Fast forward - Now we have hiring managers taking control of their destiny. They know exactly what they want and also have people in their teams aligned to conduct the interview. There are a pre-game and post-review after each round and after the completion of multiple rounds of interviews. Quality, fit and alignment is the perspective. Any individual in the talent acquisition process has the authority to stop the cycle and turn down the candidate, if need be.

People feel empowered and have taken charge of the hiring process and the destiny of their teams. They do enough research to conduct the interviews in the most efficient manner. We provide enough liberty in that respect. Each team prepares a powerful and robust JD that helps get better matches.

What peopleHum has to offer

peopleHum helps immensely in scheduling, capturing and communications even when interviews are held remotely on Skype. You can document all the information in a central place so that it is easier for the hiring manager to track and review. The hiring manager only interviews quality candidates that make it through various evaluation criteria and holds the decision to make an offer. Hence, it's a lot easier this way.

It saves leadership a lot of time and improves the hiring quality considerably. In fact, surveys show that after 3 to 6 months of joining there is a significant improvement in the hiring effectiveness index. This, indeed, is great!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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