Interviewing candidates for employement - Hire Essential 7

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Interviewing candidates for employement - Hire Essential 7

When a candidate walks in for an interview, one of the first impressions is what she gathers while walking into the company. What exactly is going through the candidate’s mind? Nervousness? Will she get the job? Apprehension on what sort of individuals will be interviewing her. Will they give her a tough time? Will she be given a chance to ask questions? Here's everything you need to be mindful of while interviewing candidates for employement!

When the candidate walks in for the interview...

There is a lot of sensitivity in her surroundings. She is absorbing all the cues from the environment. The frown on people’s faces, how she is greeted, the smells. Is the glass clean? Is the carpet plush? Are the lights working? Is the temperature right? Your candidates for employement will notice everything.

Pay close attention to your environment. The value of a clean, humming environment which makes candidates feel warm and welcome is immeasurable. Millennials now want personalisation with every experience. Create a concierge like experience.

Make candidates during the interview feel special

When the candidate walks in, ask them how they are doing today. Did they have a hard time finding the place? Would they like some beverage? Focus on how you must get the interview started.

Once settled the candidate will start observing the environment. One of the best compliments we have received for our work environment is, “I see a lot of people involved, doing a lot of things and there is a bustle of activity. But I do not see stress on their faces.” It gives the right impression of a dynamic organisation with vibrancy where people are in control. You don't have to aim for efficiency but a sense of competent casualness.

Be casual but competent. Talk about the kind of work you overlook in the organisation. Tell how the organisation is growing. Exchange ideas, if need be.

What else to keep a note of?

Check if the candidate has a copy of her resume or would she like to have it printed. Do recall the number of times you were stressed before heading for an interview. Don't worry, otherwise you may start the interview process on a bad note. Be considerate. It will show a lot about the company culture as well.

In our next series we will talk about some tips and techniques to make the person comfortable when the interviewing process begins. peopleHum is one such employee engagement platform that tracks the entire process of interviewing candidates end-to-end. It helps you screen resumes, shortlist the most suitable on and schedule interviews as per your availability.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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