Pre-screening a resume - Hire essential 9

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Pre-screening a resume - Hire essential 9
40% of executive and management time is spent in hiring in fast-growing organisations. It is all the more important for pre-screening a resume right.

There is a huge volume of resumes and profiles that are now available. LinkedIn and quick filtering come with great ubiquity. Therefore, pre-screening resume has become an even more important step in the hiring cycle.

Pre-screening resume requires experience

A pre-screening requires an experienced hand. Scrutinising a resume is important to check for fit and decide if it is worth the organisation's time to call the candidate in for more scrutiny. A resume hides more than it says and the percentage of well-written resumes being really low, pre-screening resume can never be a perfect process. But pre-screening indeed helps.

A badly written resume with grammatical mistakes is a big turn off - the candidate does not have the right language skills and if so, has not put in the effort. Either way, that's a bad step to start with for the candidate.

Getting back to pre-screening, individual filter criteria will vary and biases will slip in.

Went to the same college as I did. He gets a bigger weightage, worked at a company I admired, gets a higher weightage, is from the same town I grew up in? Has the same last name as my aunt? Has some projects that I always wanted to work on? You get the drift. We will discuss more writing resumes in another essential series.

How do we make this process consistent?

How does the organisation define a set of filters that apply across a JD and across all positions? Can machines do it better? How about getting a set of rules that apply that a machine can sign for applicability and score based on a weightage system.

The benefit of consistency and filtering by the same rules far outweigh the advantages of finding the diamond in the rough. And trust me you cannot find diamonds in the rough by looking at resumes. So, let the machine do the job more efficiently and without biases.

peopleHum provides for a probability scoring based on standard rule sets that you can customise. It saves a lot of time where the applicability of the probability score in the absolute does not matter much and what is more relevant for effective screening is a consistent way across that provides the right relative rankings to focus on.

Try peopleHum today to get the top 4 or 5 candidates that are relatively ranked higher than all applicants. Get peopleHum now and see how it works. You will be nothing less than impressed. That is our assurance.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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