How to create a perfect resume - Hire essential 11

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How to create a perfect resume - Hire essential 11
Why do you want to create a perfect resume when you can create a powerful one?

Well let’s admit it. Cookie cutter is in. With so many choices, the advantage of applying for multiple positions at once widens the audience and choices. Let’s play statistics to maximise the role, money, power or position or whatever you ate seeking in life as a professional fit.

Research for the perfect resume

You must have an inclination to research and customise for each job you apply. That’s the way to spend the right time and effort to fit your life’s work on 2 pages.

Wait, did I say 2 pages?

Yes. 2 pages tops. 8 page resumes are good conversation starters. They make the perfect resume. But let’s not make our insecurities felt by going the extra mile on the length of our resumes. It’s a big turn off and something to really make fun of.

What next?

Design your resume for the 1 minute read, 3 minute read and 5 minute read. If I read the whole resume carefully and some sections a couple of times to register and align in my mind, that’s how long reading 2 pages will take. Sell what makes you stand out.

The standard format now mandates a summary. But writing a summary is a dangerous thing. It’s a pressure situation where you try to define yourself in the ideal job in 3 sentences and fear sets in that it won’t fit what someone is looking for and  you lose opportunities. The machine anyway does not care for the summary so write as if a human will read it with the possibility you will clear the machine filter.

Summary is important

The summary of skills is a very important aspect where the Job description gets matched so ensure that it has all they buzzwords and keywords for the machine to match. For technical resumes, mention the technical expertise and the technologies worked on.

Next comes the work experience. The machine will scan the work experience to calculate the years of experience. Make sure if there are gaps in experience you mention them. Since the machine will use algorithms to start from your graduation year and then add up the overall experience year. You might get flagged for human intervention if the years of experience in work experience does not match the years from graduation till date.

Again, allow for the technical buzzwords in the work experience since the machine is looking to calculate specific years of experience in the specified technologies in the Job description. With your resume, try and build some engagement.

Hobbies etc probably do not hold much relevance anymore not does the standard “References available on request”. Statements like “I certify that the above information is accurate” is also irrelevant in todays age.

Your education & university

One aspect about educational qualifications is that the machine is looking for variant combinations on the name of the University of the college and the major. So use full form names of your university – safer to use University of Texas, Austin rather than UT Austin or University of California Berkeley instead of just Cal.

peopleHum has advanced NLU algorithms to scan, match and parse resumes automatically since it saves the recruiter time in manually typing in the date.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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