Hire right  – The role of karma in business

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Hire right  – The role of karma in business

Karma is action, work or deed. Cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Therefore, it must not come as a surprise when people say that there is some role of karma in business.

Role of Karma in business

Karma plays a role both ways — for the employer as well as for the prospective employee. For a lasting hire, the right actions displayed upfront lead to the connection that aligns the prospect to the organisation. Hence, it has an interesting role in business.

There are various scientific ways to measure skills and behaviour. Slotting people in behavioural grids, assigning scores and ranks and analysing the heck out for fit and alignment are important elements of how the hire right rain dance happens, but there is a higher level connect that needs to be made in this delicate dance of pairing. The prospect needs to feel that your organisation is THE place to join. What makes it so?

Basic human courtesy has a big role

An important exercise is to smile and greet the candidate properly. Another one is to make the candidate feel as comfortable as possible. Being attentive and caring helps in putting the candidate in a positive mode. It’s akin to being on a date, be rude to the waiter, be distracted by your phone. Don’t pay attention to your date or be sloppy and careless. As a result, your date will do a disappearing act faster than Houdini. Similarly, this goes for candidates as well.

Have a conversation…

During the interview process, start with talking about the company, the role, what to expect and whether she has any questions. A grumpy attitude disappoints most candidates. Do remember it is a 2 way street, you cannot assume the candidate wants to be there and is obliged to pay obeisance to you and your company, treat them as equals, be polite and caring and you will have a better time hiring and people to join your organisation.

Now you are asking what is the role of karma in it? Your karma and the prospects Karma reflected in her resume, background, clothes she wears, how she carries herself and how she communicates are already a part of your evaluation checklist. Raise up the level of your karma to hire right!

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