How to manage a multigenerational workforce

Anagha Vallikat
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How to manage a multigenerational workforce

The workplaces now, are a mix of different generations. It is hard not to  notice the emergence of a multi generational workplace. It’s a melting pot of people from different backgrounds, cultures and generations which is not a bane but a boon to the company. They can offer a multitude of things and there will always be a variety of dishes on the plate. If one is the age old wine, the other is a freshly brewed coffee, both brilliant in its own level.

The multi generational workplace can seem quite difficult to manage. But with the right, futuristic technology, you”ll be able to cook up the best office.

Managing a multigenerational workforce

The different generations found in the office today are:

  • Silent generation- born before 1946
  • Baby boomers-1946-1964
  • Generation X-1965-1980
  • Millennials - 1981-1998
  • Generation Z- born after 1998

The main problems would arise when the values of the generations overlap.Encouraging an open dialogue will resolve this issue effectively. Open communication is the key.

How to manage a multigenerational workforce | peopleHum

Latest technology

AI and ML algorithm integrated HR software assures that there is a platform for every employees ideas and suggestions to be heard and valued. This will minimise the clashes between the employees and blur the lines of hierarchy.

This proactive technology not only has the solutions for today’s problems but also for the issues that may arise tomorrow. These software platforms also provide a flexible work platform where in it understands the language of the employees, figuratively and helps managing a multigenerational workforce effectively. It lets them keep a tab on their tasks, assess themselves and let them understand how well the others have been doing. This will help in broadening borders and vision which will result in workspace harmony.

Varied generations come tagged with varied expectations

Thus, it becomes essential for managers to understand the importance of employee feedback and evaluation. With the available technology, it becomes easy to conduct one on ones and give people feedback and encouragement.

These softwares also act as a space for knowledge sharing and becomes the crux of a lot of learning and unlearning processes.

No matter how good the recipe is, the dish will be ideal only when the ingredients decide to merge in beautifully. The role, as the chef is, to anticipate what the dish would like, whisk and stir the ingredients the right way.

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