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How to retain and engage Gen Z employees
Organizational Cultures

How to retain and engage Gen Z employees

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Anagha Vallikat
March 11, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

We are living in the hub of technology and Gen Z is the nub of the concern now. Gen Z comprises of individuals born between 1995 and the early 2000s. We had detailed about the tips to keep in mind while hiring Gen Z in our previous blog. Now, we will place focus on how to retain and engage your Gen Z employees. Employee engagement and retention go hand in hand. Employee engagement is the level of commitment and passion that employees hold towards their organization and work. With the short attention span of Gen Z and the huge amount of competition, how do you ace employee retention?

Nine ways to engage Gen Z employees

1. Nurture the entrepreneur in them

Gen Z is an independent generation. They have grown up with google and DIY videos that they seek to do things on their own and resolve issues by themselves. Organizations have to understand that they are not to be tied down to a desk with a PC and asked to do mundane, routine jobs! They will find other places to work for! It's not like there are no opportunities. The sea is wide and deep and Gen Z is more than ready to dive. Gen Z employees will ask for ownership stakes, be it working on their own inventions and be interested in a piece of the business pie. This must be taken seriously by HR and leaders. As an organization, if you can help nurture and develop this entrepreneurship in them, there are higher chances of employee retention and engagement.

2. Technology teamed with efficiency is the buzzword

It goes without saying that Gen Z is tech-savvy. They are digital natives who get everything within a click. From food to grocery to plumbing services, everything has become online and Gen Z is not speculative when it comes to technology. They are of technology! Leverage the use of modern technology and ease the processes for them. Those who belong to Generation Z, even more so than the millennial generation, appreciate the great value that technology, and subsequently efficiency, bring to the workplace. Those companies that focus their efforts on technology and improving efficiency will continue to attract and engage them. This will also help to recruit top talent and beat out competition.

3. Align purpose and company mission 

Gen Z is a practical generation. They value purpose and being. It is crucial to lay a vision and mission while laying down your company culture and this mission and vision will open the vistas to the purpose of their being. Gen Z does not like to fit themselves into a position. They want a position that fits them. This simply means that they want to add meaning to the job that they do and if their purpose is aligned with the company mission it gives them satisfaction and satisfaction leads to engagement and retention.

4. Appeal to their interests

This point is self-explanatory. If you go to a hardcore guitarist and start talking about fossils. Well...you know that wouldn't go too well! Gen Z looks for answers at their fingertips. They want things on their screen and expect the workplace to deliver the same. You cannot expect them to stick to conventional , methods and routines. It is always good to experiment and let yourself a little loose because after all, they are the future!

5. Embrace the differences

Gen Z employees

Gen Z employees value diversity. Businesses should do away with watertight compartments and boundaries. They must encourage discussions and collaborations. A diverse work culture will appeal to the interests of Gen Z and will make them stay for longer. The organization must take efforts to celebrate diversity and embrace the differences. Get into the nuances of things and you will be able to see the retention rates go up!

6. Show that you care

Gen Z employees value mental and physical well being. They are a conscious generation. Show that you care and value them. Of course, this must not be exclusive to Gen Z, it must be applicable to all your employees. You build them and they will build empires for you. Care for them with wellness programs and benefits and perks.

7. Create experiences that matter 

Young people live for their experiences. They value experiences more than material things. This is the same reason why there has been a shift from employee engagement to employee experience. It is high time that the organizations embrace this shift. Curate engaging events that will grab the attention and interests of Gen Z. This will add to their reservoir of memories and help in creating a great impression about the workplace.

8. Value them as people 

Regardless of generation, people want to feel valued. Do you remember the first trophy that you won? The amount of joy that you had?  well, the joy of recognition and appreciation is beyond words and deliver that to them. Regardless of age, gender and generation, appreciation is important to retain your employees.

9. Nurture their curiosity

If you raise the question of why, Gen Z employees will raise the question 'why not'. They are a curious generation who likes to get into the depth of things. As an organization, you must encourage them to ask questions and nurture this innate curiosity that they have. Always remember that questions are the beginning of innovation and development. A culture that promotes questioning is a culture that is ready to grow and evolve.

Wrapping up

Gen Z employees

Gen Z is a creative generation who is always on their toes, ready to take up new challenges and ready to experiment. It is important to talk in their language in order to engage with them. This does not mean that you have to cut all the strings and let them be. Open communication must be entertained and you, as an organization must be ready to take on challenges and accept changes. Happy reading and happy retaining!

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How to retain and engage Gen Z employees

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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