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HR - The Kilimanjaro of the Future of Work

HR - The Kilimanjaro of the Future of Work

Anushka Rajesh
March 11, 2022

It’s going to happen now! It’s happening now…3…2…1…BOOM!!!

Through the clouds and against the clear blue skies of Tanzania stands tall Mount Kilimanjaro, the 4th tallest peak on earth. Once an active and infrequent volcano prone to eruptions, the 19th century mountaintop has ceded to the ravages of time and has become dormant today. This stratovolcano, which is the pride of the Tanzanians has a lot to offer than merely an exhilarating experience. Besides attracting adventure seekers, mountaineers and summit enthusiasts, you’d be surprised to know that the pinnacle almost acts as an inanimate form of Human Resources in the corporate world. Read along to know how HR can ensure a peak experience at work for employees and leaders alike!

Why Human Resources is the corporate Kilimanjaro

HR - The Kilimanjaro of the Future of Work | peopleHum

Much like how Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the top 7 peaks globally, Human Resources is the gateway to the 7 sub-departments in any organization. Thus, providing a memorable candidate experience is a non-negotiable for any successful company. 

For employees to be able to ascend the various stages of recruitment, Human Resource professionals have to ensure that they’re hiring to fill a real need at work, have clearly-defined job descriptions, be empathetic and communicate transparently about job expectations. Only then will the recruiter and the recruitee be on the same page and further HR processes regarding rejection or onboarding can be carried out efficiently.

Unperturbed by what happens in other branches of the organization, HR is the pillar that forms the foundation of the company and erects the business to success. Similar to the free-standing African mountaintop, a Human Resources founded on a strong set of values helps the organization stand on its own feet during turbulent times. If anything, the pandemic has shown us that an ambitious, agile, resilient and flexible HR can remain untouched by any crises and can help keep the organization’s head above water. With actions speaking louder than words, Human Resource professionals, much like a volcano on the verge of erupting displayed their exponential potential by taking matters into their own hands and preparing for every eventuality head-on. 

“The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid and avoids the storm he cannot weather.” 

As the real sailors who have steered the corporate ship to shore, HR leaders have reinstated a sense of empathy, inclusivity and belongingness for and among employees in the organization. Just as efforts are being taken to protect Mount Kilimanjaro, which is witnessing the disappearance of glaciers, conscious and mindful practices that were once forgotten have been revived by the people-professionals. This includes having better internal communication and interpersonal connection between cross-functional teams and epitomising the ‘humane’ aspect in Human Resources. The  mountain range may be on the cusp of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres since its discovery but it is clear that The Future of HR is one where it is at a crossroads between restoring its primitive side of being people-centric along with embracing AI and automation

With a clear objective to deliver sustainable employee experiences in mind, people-professionals are increasingly striving to reach the summit of HR with an approach centred on focus and fun. This has led organizations to be the talk of the town even in disastrous times. For example, the Food delivery platform - Swiggy’s decision to move to a 4-day work week during May and allow its employees the flexibility to pick the days they want to work has been greatly lauded among corporate circles. The HR’s recognition of the relentless work done by the staff and their support for their employees' physical and mental well-being speaks volumes during crisis times. Thus, a lot of times, businesses get global appreciation thanks to the effective workings of Human Resources. It’s no surprise why more professionals are getting ready to scale the high altitudes of Mount HR thanks to the aptitudes and attitudes associated with the department’s activities!  

Can HR be raised to greater heights?

As we become future-ready in the planning and execution of HR processes, we cannot miss crediting the overarching role of automation in easing out time-consuming activities. The Future of Recruitment is all about integrated Human Capital Management platforms like peopleHum contributing to the HR world by offering a unique and holistic employee experience from hiring to off boarding!

HR - Kilimanjaro of the future of work - peopleHum

Complimenting employee growth and workforce communication, collaboration and productivity, peopleHum is finely crafted to ensure all things related to employee wellness are taken care of! 

It’s about time you bring about a value-and-purpose minded organizational transformation with the globally-acclaimed peopleHum! 

Wrapping up

To conclude, Human Resources today, has transcended every boundary and has overcome every hurdle encountered in its evolution. The manner in which it has successfully converted every adversity into an avenue of opportunity during recent times has raised HR in the eyes of the world. From navigating minor transitions to manoeuvring major transformations in an astute, adaptable and flexible way, the Future of Work is one where the workings of Human Resources become the true pride and prestige of organizations on their road to fame and success!

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HR - The Kilimanjaro of the Future of Work

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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