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Why recruitment automation isn't scary at all
Hiring and Recruitment

Why recruitment automation isn't scary at all

Team pH
March 4, 2024

Weren’t you skeptical when you created your first-ever social media account on Orkut or Facebook?

Yes, you were! See where we are today!

Any change is always difficult to accept at first because you have several inhibitions, whether it’ll lead you to success or failure.

However, to discover the outcome of any change, you have to take the plunge to implement it. As humans, we are all scared to try something new, be it skydiving or installing a new recruitment automation software and using it.

The fear of change

We fear change because we know we will have to let go of the old practice and accept a new one somewhere. In this instance, we are choosing a recruitment management system to automate the recruitment process.

You know that the way you recruit talents today is an outdated practice; besides, the old recruitment software seldom makes your task easy. Therefore, you constantly need to evolve as per your talents and business processes.

That’s when recruitment automation comes into the picture.

Initially, most companies are scared to adopt this new idea, but a few early adopters have taken the plunge, and soon you observe the results. Their results made you realize that technology is an asset to optimize your existing recruitment process.

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Adopting recruitment automation

Today, a wide pool of automated tools is available for recruitment systems. However, recruiters are hesitant to trust different tools that add automation elements to their existing system. Therefore, it is essential to simplify your recruitment process with the right tools, recruitment process guide, and advancements, just as adoption.  

As an award-winning "digital agency", professionals can guide you to choose the right combination of tools based on your recruiting challenges and talent management goals. In addition, they assist in selecting tools that reduce human efforts on mundane tasks to concentrate more on the strategic aspects of the job.

Automation is different from a robot

Often, AI and other advanced technologies are misunderstood as something terrible. It is misinterpreted as if it will overtake the world and make humans incapable of abilities.

There is a possibility that the movie industry may influence the impact of new technologies, and humans may misinterpret it. But, automation technology is not here to take the world; instead, it is here to simplify recruiting challenges and tasks related to it.

A recent study estimated that automation might impact 1 in 5 jobs but not in an inappropriate manner. Automation is here to make work less tedious so that you do not waste time on repetitive tasks and are more productive.

Thanks to recruitment automation, it is now possible to be more productive and enhance the following elements at work:

  • Quicker resume screening
  • Real-time applicant tracking
  • Structured interview scheduling
  • Efficient candidate nurturing
  • Targeted and diverse recruiting
  • Hybrid recruiting
  • Reliable background checks

These improved and automated features encourage time management, and recruiters have the bandwidth to take up additional tasks within the same number of hours.

None of the above possibilities are an alternative to humans as they are not directly involved in decision-making. This means it is safe to say that automation is not a threat to humans or their jobs. Instead, it just makes jobs easier for humans and reduces the dependency on gut feeling in hiring.

Automation keeps the hiring process human

Each tool offers a different technique to automate the recruiting process. However, introducing a tool in the recruiting process does not mean you need one less human in your team. Remember, automating only helps to streamline and improve the efficiency of the tasks.

Automation cannot replace human efforts entirely; instead, it empowers employees to accomplish more tasks.

Alongside, automation assists recruiters in having personalized communication with their candidates. For example, the automated tool shares relevant questions based on the candidate’s skillset with the recruiter. As a result, the recruiter can ask the candidate and clarify the candidate’s capabilities.

Recruiters can establish good relationships with candidates and enhance their experience at every stage of the recruitment process.

Automation improves time management

Automated tools save time and effort that leave more time in the hands of recruiters. They can use this time to build a human-centric hiring process.

For instance, a simple but personalized automated message to your candidate can reduce time to hire, and you can stay in touch with them constantly.

You no longer have to set manual reminders to share the message with your candidates; instead, you can focus on other tasks that generate better interactions. These interactions include recruitment metrics to track different communication channels based on candidate location, strategizing an adequate communication flow, testing different communication mediums and their success.

Ultimately, automation offers you the most precious asset, and that’s time. As a recruiter, an extra hour without mundane tasks makes you less exhausted and gives you the leverage to improve your HR efforts.

Combine the best tools for effective results

Under the assistance of digital marketing services agency tech experts, automation has the power to improve your hiring process, as well as remote hiring, drastically.  A strategic mind can use an automated recruiting tool to ease the efforts by recruitment team and not take up its job application.

You, as a recruiter, must be acquainted with the diverse elements that cannot be automated in the recruitment process. Hence, there is no fear that automation can entirely replace human efforts for companies, financially and strategically.

What are the prominent benefits of recruitment automation software?

Here are some essential advantages to automating your recruitment process:

1. Hiring quality candidates

An automated candidate selection process allows recruiters to evaluate the candidate’s growth mindset, cognitive ability, problem-solving ability, and others. As a result, recruiters can invest time in the right-fit candidates.

2. Improved productivity

Automation can quicken and simplify the complex recruitment process so that recruiters have ample time to make prominent decisions. For instance, the system can automated schedule an interview with a candidate to skip all the manual hassles, which will give you more time to hire. Must read: The ROI of ATS

3. Hiring diversified talent

Any company requires employees with a different skill set. When you automate the recruitment process, the recruitment software recognizes unusual talent from the pool of applicants, making it convenient for you to hire employees with varied skills and construct a comprehensive team.

4. Enhance candidate experience

Advanced tools allow candidates to apply for jobs with a single click and schedule an interview. They no longer have to go through the hassle of mailing the resume and connecting with you to share their experience.

Instead, a single click can share their profile, you have access to their professional resume and decide whether to move ahead with the candidate. Besides, the recruitment automation system can share an auto-generated update that provides real-time application status to the company and the candidate.

Hire the best candidate through a recruitment automation software and simplify your recruiting efforts.

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It’s the right time to embrace automation and new technologies in the recruitment process to search, review, and hire the best talents in the market.

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Why recruitment automation isn't scary at all

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