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Human capital management software & its impact on the future of work
Artificial Intelligence

Human capital management software & its impact on the future of work

Pronoy Roy
January 23, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Human Capital Management Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started to dominate all sectors in the future of work. From Oral-B’s toothbrush that informs you how well you brush to the supercomputer that NASA uses. An increase in the use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, and other IT jargon has everyone confused. Especially those that benefit from using this technology, such as business using a Human capital management software.

Human Capital Management Software- Technology in Human Resources 

In 1991, America spent $100 billion on hardware which roughly converts to $190 billion in value. Over the years, the investment in IT hardware has seen a steady increase but there has been a phenomenal change after the advent of cloud computing.

The investment has seen a shift from hardware to cloud computing. While all industries have seen a growth in the use of IT, its impact on HR has been relatively less. The products that are usually implemented in the HR industry perform tasks that were the norm quite a few years ago.

This is a new era of jobs

Contractors and freelancers have an equal foothold along with the analysts and marketing agents. The conventional software has failed to keep up with the varying needs of this core department.

Furthermore, the role of human resources has expanded from the basic human capital management software solutions to meet its using enterprise resources.

Doing so is difficult as the roles of employees have shifted from labor-based job profiles to skill-based ones over the last few decades.

The gap lies when HR as a department is unable to connect the many moving dots in the firm, maybe it because of a communication gap or due to the lack of anonymity during the employee feedback process

These problems come with a caveat of their own. The decisions made to solve these problems are subjective and are oftentimes subject to bias.

This is where human capital management software comes into play.

When used properly there are so many practical uses that can benefit everyone involved in the process with the help of Human capital management software. Since the HR executives are constantly taking on more roles to meet employee needs, there comes a larger room for human error that machines can help solve.

Right from the basic scheduling problems to creating parameters that are distinct, that an employee is judged on, AI becomes a helping tool.

This creates fewer bias incidents, increases intra-firm communication and helps improve efficiency. On top of that, with the help of a human capital management application, it can even measure the efficiency growth for you!

Human capital management software & its impact on the future of work | peopleHum

Role expansion experienced by HR

  • It has become the task of HR to assist the employee in completing the task by way of incentives and employee recognition.
  • Become a data provider to provide information on the performance of the firm. An extra task would be to suggest ways of improving it.
  • Be the point of contact for inter-department conflict resolution.
  • Improve retention of employees through building a network that is trustworthy and supportive.
  • Manage company change

As the management strives to fill these roles, the impact of human capital management software in the shifting of these roles is vital.

There are fears around shifting towards a Human capital management application that is advanced in technology, particularly if the system is not a user-friendly one.

The shift to software that is foolproof, of course, a necessity but the main need lies in the realm of practicality.

The conversation between the technology department and the HR comes with its own set of problems and hence a practical Human capital management software that is easily accepted would soon become the norm and hold the upcoming market.

Things to look out for

  • HRMS that allow for integrations in our mobile devices
  • A customizable hierarchy format that allows for the shifting workforce culture
  • An increase in employee acknowledgment that promotes collaboration
  • An increase in efficiency because of an increase in accountability
  • Data-driven decisions that decrease implicit bias
  • HRMS and Resume Parsing

The importance of being able to sort through a bulk of data is not just beneficial to analysts.

Having a streamlined process for resume screening makes it easier to better judge an applicant.

It also makes sure that the applicant fits the profile the hiring manager is looking for. The systems that handle this should not be standalone products.

The shift should come so that the gathering data step from the applicant minimizes and makes the new employee onboarding easy.

The balance between Employee engagement and experience

Pushing for employee engagement does not guarantee that they are having a developing experience. A repeated push towards participating in surveys and quizzes may deter an employee as it implies a test to their capabilities. 

Finding a balance where the job is gratifying and yet a learning experience throughout the term of the employee, requires one to find a middle ground. The objective measurement of a staff member’s performance can help in making decisions about how much push they need.

For example, an employee who is completing their goals on time and taking on extra workload may have a little extra time towards engaging in the workplace.

Someone who is already struggling to complete their goals may need a helping hand in learning better methods to efficiently work towards their goal

The data analytics that would be in the future management systems would help solve these problems. The Deloitte 2019 Millennial global survey also mentions that millennials prefer experiences that involve traveling and boosting communities rather than starting a family and ‘settling down’ in the traditional sense.

Human capital management software & its impact on the future of work | peopleum

The interaction of IT and work culture

In 2019, approximately 3.2 billion people own a smartphone. A very high percentage of these people are part of a workforce.

Managing larger groups of people is made easier by connecting them to each other via devices that they already own. Slack being the top product in technological industries, alone, is a precedence to how workflow has changed because of IT.

This will soon be seen on a larger scale. Every employee will be connected to a platform that their organization uses.

A study suggests that 75% of millennials prefer texting as their communication method because it fits well into their schedule. They also claim it helps with the time management aspect of their daily workload.

This also suggests that there is going to be a priority in engaging people through mobiles. This might create a new set of challenges for the HR department.

There is a sense of mistrust on business motives amongst the changing workforce. This is due to a lack of transparency within an organization.

Improving communication has become vital to any taskforce but traditional verbal communication isn’t cutting it anymore.

Reaching the decision-makers of the companies is not an easy task for an organization that is not communicative. These barriers can be tackled using software that everyone can access and is also easy to use.

How it comes together

In the current world, leaders use equity amongst peers so that everyone realizes the impact of their contribution for the future of work.

The combination of modern-day Human capital management software with a leadership that is open and understanding has become vital to any organization.

Even with artificial intelligence growing so rapidly, the use of technology lies entirely in our hands.

We must tackle the ever-growing charge for improving efficiency a little differently due to the changing workforce.

Using a human resource management system can assist in many ways. The roles of HR will become the benchmark and have an immense impact.

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Human capital management software & its impact on the future of work

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