What role does HR play in leadership?

Aishwarya Sinha Ray
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What role does HR play in leadership?

What is leadership?

Leadership is what leads and drives people in an organisation. It is what motivates each individual employee to give 100% and let nothing stop them from achieving their goals. Big and successful organisations take special care while appointing leaders in their organisation. That’s how they became big and successful in the place and that’s why emerging start-ups invest in their people to build a strong leadership.

What are the different types of leadership?

Leadership has 2 broad categories – Organisational leadership and individual leadership.

The purpose of leadership is to facilitate high performance and enable individuals to collaborate and meet organisational goals. Therefore, organisational leaders provide a common direction to the organisation as a whole and individual leaders provide direction to employees and teams to meet their individual goals.

So, what role does HR play in company leadership?

Good leadership begins with HR. This is because HR leaders are responsible for helping managers create performance improvement strategies and build high performance teams for the organisation.

Moreover, HR leaders ensure that managers make intelligent decisions without emotional bias. This way managers can build strategies that surround their employees without alienating them because otherwise, the strategies can be counterproductive.

What role does HR play in leadership? | peopleHum

How do HR leaders manage differences?

It’s common for an organisation to witness different styles of leadership. Therefore, HR leaders come in the picture and ensure that these styles are in sync. This way, there is integrity in each of these styles, no leader loses individual touch and contribution and they all work together to reach the common company goals.

How do HR leaders face challenges?

HR leaders themselves challenge the current system and policies where they keep iterating company policies to keep up with the changing times. They contribute with their own unique ideas that help make smart and better people decisions. So, facing challenges isn’t a big deal for them. They always stay prepared.

Who is an ideal HR leader?

An ideal HR leader is someone who can create a company culture that everybody wants and likes. Moreover, an ideal HR leader knows how to work out differences and encourage everyone to follow the common company vision.

Moreover, an ideal HR leader is-

  1. A great organiser
  2. Honest and trustworthy
  3. Individual contributors

And finally, an ideal HR leader is a problem solver and an active facilitator. Their contribution towards building an authentic and engaging company culture is enormous and that’s why every employee looks up to them.


HR leaders work closely with the company CXOs, especially the CEO. Their leadership efforts and teamwork helps the company reach its true potential.

Moreover, there are times when the company leaders know exactly what the issue is and the exact answers to solve them. However, they still want a smart advice to ensure that everyone stays on the same page and follows a similar approach towards problem solving.

In the end, it’s about their contribution as a team to create a great company culture where engaged employees find the motivation that they seek from the leadership


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