Ideas that are shaping the future of HR and recruitment | Part 1

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Ideas that are shaping the future of HR and recruitment | Part 1

Name one profession that doesn’t demand creativity in today’s time? Even recruitment couldn’t escape the requirement to be creative in its approach towards hiring and managing employees. If you are a recruiter you have to be really out there to seek the right talent for your organisation. There is so much demand as well as too much competition going on in the market. You have got to be on your toes with a strong focus to meet the demand of the future with a suitable recruitment process.

In this blog, we will explore various ideas that worked out in shaping HR and recruitment for different organisations. With the growing use of AI in recruitment businesses are focusing on several parts of the recruitment landscape that will help them grow.

Follow the 4 HR trends of the future

Soft skills

ideas that are reshaping the future of HR


Technical skills or hard skills, as we call them, are important for professionals who are designers, coders, writers, or tax accountants. Further to these soft skills what matters most the ability to solve complex problems without the slightest flinch. With technology and AI increasingly replacing human intervention, the only type of skills that are going to keep up the human touch are soft skills.

Creative freedom

Gone are the days when employees worked as puppets under their managers, who would become the ring masters and lead the act. The majority of the workforce that is actively working in today’s time is the millennial workforce. They are tech savvy and we can easily call the millennials generation – The digital generation. Millennials have been brought up with the mindset that their expectations will be met without substantial delay. In fact, they will receive the kind of freedom and space that they require to think and act. If you really want passionate, success hungry millennials to work for you then it’s really important that you offer them what they are looking for. And that’s creative freedom.

Safe workplace

Employees will think freely when they feel safe at work. In fact, employers are legally bound to ensure workplace safety and measure terms against workplace harassment. Especially after the #metoo movement driven so vigorously all around the world, organisations must take initiatives and measures to create a safe work environment. This is something potential employees and candidates actively look for.

Employees now have the surety that they can walk up to the HR or their reporting manager to share a concern or report a complaint. Their feedback is totally anonymous and this gives them even more encouragement to leave their emotions aside and ask for the right thing.

Preventing harassment is building a more respectful workplace culture. At a time where crime rates are increasing by the day, it is important to ensure that employees are safe where they work and contribute towards the benefit of the organisation and business customers.


It can be about maintaining a clear transparency in work responsibilities, output or pay scale. But organisations must ensure that they are encouraging transparency. It gets difficult to manage a team when there is too much undisclosed information or managing confidential agreements going around.

As a result, employees get a sense that their employers don’t have enough faith in them. Or perhaps they don’t trust them enough to share valuable information. Of course, maintaining transparency in pay isn’t something every company is comfortable sharing across teams and team members. However, organisations can definitely circulate other important and necessary information that employees must know.


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