Impact of effective communication while working from home

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Impact of effective communication while working from home

Communication and business - The connection and importance! 

Let's grill our brain around the importance of efficient business communication. It's quite known commonly that communication is the key to success, and very few realize that it's an important key not only in our personal life but also in our professional life. Communicating improves relationships in many positive ways. Being vocal about a situation or an issue always helps the others concerned in order to assess and respond accurately.

Today, we'll cover some topics on how communication in business plays an important role. 

Impact of Effective Communication while working from home

Impact of effective communication while working from home | peopleHum

Multiple organizations are seeking candidates, and the top requirement is undoubtedly having excellent communication skills. Has it ever occurred to you why so much emphasis is given to such an ability? Good communication skills seldom leave room for misunderstandings. They also help one understand others flawlessly. For instance, in an interview setup, you may not be conscious of your interactive skills, but the recruiter is. He/She is always evaluating how well-spoken you are. In an interview, more than your education, it is the language you use that portrays your future prospects. That is the extent to which communication is important. 

I want to clarify a few things here, when we talk about communication, let me remind you, we aren't just talking about English or any one language in particular. We're looking at the way of expression and execution on the whole. You could be an international worker or could be a national worker. Regardless, if the foreign worker is required to speak German, it's darn important to be clear in your speech and understand others’ views in perspective. Similarly, if you are a national worker and are required to teach your students Hindi, you better be well-spoken and possess the ability to understand your students' needs and requirements. Effective communication shows confidence and strengthens relations. 

Companies are the busiest places on earth after restaurants. The number of responsibilities and duties handled are so much that communication skills can never take a backseat. The employer needs people who can not only work but who can also communicate their perspective while comprehending the company's aims and goals. Keeping each other updated about a process, trying to solve a problem, or teaching a colleague a new software - all fall under the same basket, leveraging language in a growing organization. Efficacious exchange of opinions through communication helps a company build its team and grow rapidly.

Till now, we've seen the internal essentials. Now, let's shed some light on how communication is required outside the internal organizational world but within the business. Customers are known to be the pillars of the organization. Many companies set one of their top priorities to be the best customer service experience. Even if the earth shakes or shatters, companies do not wish to change their first preference of serving their guests in the best way possible. To do so, the company assesses the customer's needs and communicates the solution to them. An organization goes through multiple challenges every day to keep their clients satisfied, and one common ground among these routines is communication.  

Amidst this pandemic, a lot of young professionals have realized the importance of communication. Working from home has changed many things and has introduced us to a ‘New Normal’. Work from home is possible and is effective due to constant interaction and communication. My aunt works for Electronic Arts in the HR department. During the initial stages of lockdown, I asked her whether she's stressing over handling her team from home. I assumed her reply would be "yes." To my surprise, she replied - "I've never been this happy with my team's productivity before!"

Do you see how I'm trying to connect the dots? It literally took a lockdown for all the working personalities to understand how their speech mattered and made a difference to the company. Employees are at their best performance when given their comfort zone and aren't shy to communicate their ideas for the betterment of society. Eventually, I guess it just takes a different scenario to know what you're capable of to prove to the company or the world. 

Now, I want to introduce you to something. There are multiple types of communications, namely verbal communication, written/electronic communication, or analytical communication. There's a couple of more forms of communication that are slowly growing at a pace, namely visual communication or digital communication. These have gained an enormous amount of attention worldwide during COVID-19. The aforementioned is for the young generation to realize the importance of the digital future because the platform might have changed, but the goal (to communicate) has not died. Enhanced skills in an effective way to translate or communicate could be a new career path for the newbies out there! 

Wrapping this up, I'd like to write a few tips on how you could be an asset to your company by employing strategies for the most effective communication while working from home. 

  1. First and foremost, do not shy away. Talk your heart out as your voice can make a difference to your team and the company.  
  1. Take the initiative. If you think there's an efficient way of performing a duty, take the responsibility to demonstrate your perspective. 
  1. Panic less. A good leader can understand their team members' ambitions and help them grow rather that nag one for their mistakes. Nobody knows it better than a great team leader that practice makes a man perfect.  
  1. Be truthful to your job. Enjoy your work. It's not true that a job is always the standard routine. Enjoying while working adds an extra flavor to your daily responsibilities. Be true to your likes and dislikes. Don't force the work but embrace it.  
  1. Be yourself. Show what your personality is to the company and witness the extra love you receive from them. Your individual growth occurs alongside the company’s. There's only uncomfortableness in portraying a different persona about oneself. 
  1. Last but not least, be fearless. Be confident within yourself and possess the ability to attract people with your qualities. Face challenges rather than running further away from them. It not only helps you but also the company to progress and develop new ideas. 

I hope you guys enjoy this blog on strategies for effective communication while working from home. Stay safe and sound! 

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