Learning and me

Shikha Singh
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Learning and me

The learning journey of life

Learning is one of my favorite things to do. It soothes my soul and gives me the confidence to thrive. I love the process of expanding my knowledge through it. When I train myself on the things I truly desire and notice a drastic change, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction. When you take a few steps further in your life through learning, you keep falling in love with the better version of yourself. Twenty years of experience, and I'm proud to give that learning curve its credit on having given me a chance to reach where I am today.

With that in perspective, I'd like to shed some light on my opinion and experience about how learning has made me more enduring, reliable, and has given me the courage to present my point confidently. For the most part of my life, I've made mistakes and undoubtedly learned from them. I'm also particular about not making the same mistake twice. If I do, that means I haven't learnt from it the first time. I repeat the process until I find the right path to walk on.

There are certain things I self-taught myself through my parents’ and grandparents’ morals. While I was growing up, everyone around me taught about good and bad things, but no one taught me how to differentiate between right and wrong. One's intelligence can teach such things. For that intelligence to grow and to be able to self-teach oneself, learning is essential. Intelligence can be improved by reading books, watching documentaries, or through real-life experiences. 

I strongly believe in the quote - 'Every day is a new day.' With constantly learning new things, sometimes it gets frustrating to achieve the desired results. Most people opt out of the process while others stand stronger and pass the hurdle with the same expectations to successes. So, what if we fail today? There's always a new day tomorrow as a new opportunity to prove our worth, perhaps to even restart or to improve. 'Work hard until you succeed' - As much as learning could get frustrating, the hard work makes it easier.

The harder you work, the prouder you'll feel of yourself. The relationship between learning and hard work is impeccable. When you break a sweat, learning coordinates, and when you're learning, hard work coordinates and vice versa. Whenever you consider quitting on a learning process, take a step back, calm yourself down, and question why you've started learning in the first place. If the reason motivates you to pump it up, there's no stopping towards the successful completion.

Now that we've seen the corresponding relationship between learning, intelligence and hard work, let me enhance how knowledge is also cross related to learning and why it’s crucial. I have observed when I'm learning something new about my special interests, it increases my knowledge. Who doesn't like an expansion on their knowledge space? I'm always fascinated to learn new facts about my interests and expand my comprehension. One of the most significant benefits of vast knowledge through learning is the ability to break the ice in social gatherings, public events, or even with strangers.

When two completely new people find common ground to speak about, there's a flow in conversation which strengthens your bond. Knowledge through learning helps one to break out of their comfort zone and socialize, and it is especially beneficial to those who are socially awkward. Knowledge is like an ocean - enormous. It isn't necessary to drink until the very last drop, consuming as much as required will do the job. Consumption of knowledge works in a very similar way. In short, the sky is the limit. 

Now that we've covered bits and pieces about the relationship between learning, knowledge, and intelligence, I'd like to introduce you to real-life learning experiences. Learning isn't a mandatory or forceful activity. The interest can also develop over time. Learning with interest has its unique sense of exhilaration, whereas forced learning cannot achieve the same. When there's no passion involved in an activity, the learning curve starts to feel dreary. Apart from the traditional methods of learning, one can learn behavior too. Learn to be happy, capable of tackling situations, self-controlled, empathetic amongst many others.

I haven't just learned from my life experience but also from others’ experiences. I'm fortunate enough to have a few close friends and family with great pieces of advice. Not even once I perceived how useful one's advice could be in real-life learning experiences. Learning from others opens a new perception of life. It takes a sense of understanding of how you could apply others’ positive solutions in your life to solve a problem.

These require learning about life and acquiring skills to solve real-life issues as a mature, dignified, and sophisticated individual. In my opinion, life is a lesson, and complications are our examinations. To crack exams, one can learn from real-life experiences. A problem is a problem when there's no solution, but if there's a solution, it isn't a problem anymore. One can find solutions through knowledge, and knowledge can be developed by learning.

A problem is a problem when there's no solution, but if there's a solution, it isn't a problem anymore.

I'm very excited to share one of my personal experiences with everyone. I love learning new languages. Amongst all the international languages, I adore French. Learning to speak French and being able to talk like a native was my most recently desired passion. While I kept thinking about learning it, I came across my cousin, who got himself enrolled in an institute to learn German.

His excitement inspired me to achieve my goal. Thus, I got into the same institution for French classes. Learning a language needs immense patience. At the beginning of the classes, I was comfortable. Gradually everything started to feel overwhelming and flustering. I started questioning my abilities to reach my goals that I’ve dreamt.

After a certain point, I wanted to give up. When I reflected on my thoughts, I felt that my actions and thought processes were wrong. I took a few steps back, worked hard on my weaknesses, and eventually cleared the levels. Now, I can gladly say, 'I speak basic French.' A lot of people misunderstand that learning is depressing, but I say don't judge yet and give it a shot. The rules are simple: work hard, don't give up, and stay focused. I understand things seem simpler at the beginning, and steadily everything appears complicated to a point where it tempts you to give up.

That's when you know life is testing you on your patience. Instead, use your tolerance to your advantage and don't stop until you've succeeded. I highly encourage my readers to invest your time in learning. No knowledge gained is knowledge wasted. Every learning experience matters, whether it’s the best or the worse of your life.

"No knowledge gained is knowledge wasted. Every learning experience matters, whether it’s the best or the worse of your life".

Let's talk about some advantages of learning. If you've read up to this paragraph, I'm sure you've already learnt a lot, although there are a few crucial advantages to learning. First things first, learning teaches you patience. In the race of achieving something desperately, we lose or fail, which is sometimes natural. Just because you lost, you don't lose faith in yourself, don't feel discouraged, or don't think any less of yourself. Life knocks you down, not to make you feel low but to make you ten times more efficient than the previous second of your life. So, stand back on your feet and retry until you succeed. 

Secondly, learning teaches you how to invest your time wisely. There are always options in the world; good and bad, the chooser must carefully pick from the things he/she has leant. Learning habits like drugs and alcohol shouldn't be in your best interest. As everyone is aware, the addiction caused by them can ruin your life. So, pick your interests thoughtfully. 

Thirdly, there are many people with different learning paces. Some are fast learners, whereas others are slow. Quick learners mostly are applauded for their skill whereas slow ones are not admired as much. As an individual, I believe in granting opportunities to both without judgment. It's exciting to have a slow paced learner with solid work ethics and skills.

Fourthly, learning is efficient when you compete with yourself rather than others. When you are your own competition, success isn't far from you. Eventually, you'll achieve your target

Lastly, learning keeps you mentally stimulated and active. I think learning or feeding new things is the brain's favorite food. So never stop learning even when you grow older. Keep learning, and engage your mind.

Let's briefly talk about how learning globally affects people. William James Sidis was one of the most knowledgeable persons that ever lived on the planet. Research states, he had a higher IQ in comparison with Albert Einstein. He could read the newspaper at the age of 2; he got acceptance in Harvard at 9, he wrote multiple books and soon became a celebrity in the 1900s. I haven't done a detailed study, but feel free to browse him on the internet. I'm not sure if I ever will be one of those intelligent persons who lived to learn, but it motivates me to try.

People like him, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Aryabhata, Stephen Hawking, and many more are examples of the results of learning. We have a lot to learn from their struggles, failures, achievements, and methods. Yes, it's incredibly intimidating to think about them and contemplate if we could ever reach that extent. But it's doable if one has the zeal to grow and keep learning. In this day and age, almost everything is possible. I'm content with the attempts I make to turn my dreams into reality. 

Coming closer to wrapping this article up, I want to write on how learning has brought about a positive influence and change in my life. I have a story to share. As a kid, I wasn't good at studies. I procrastinated, and studying wasn't something I was serious about. When I saw all my classmates and close friends doing well, something triggered me and that's when I started pondering on my lack of abilities to perform. When I detected the issue, I was thrilled to solve it. I sat down, got a paper and a pencil and scribbled all the problems I felt I had in me.

I was a patient and a doctor to myself. When I executed all doctorly solutions over my problem, I began to get better. My grades went high, my parents were happy, I got presents from my grandparents, and I was pretty much a celebrity in my house. Now the question is, what changed it all? It's not the paper or the pencil or the scribbles. It's the thought process that kicked my interest in learning and education. When my mind figured out how to detect a problem and gave me insights on solving it, it changed my whole perspective. Ever since, if I want to learn something, I take a profound analogy of my brain.

I enjoy learning if the interest level is high; if not, I try to figure out why my interest levels are low. When nothing makes sense, I try to think from another positive perspective, and it all works in my favour. Now, as an individual, I'm not intimidated to start a new or exciting journey. My learning curves have always been positive in terms of thought processes, actions, behaviors and beliefs. 

In sum, I'd like to encourage everyone to take the opportunity and learn what their heart desires the most. There's no age limit to learn new things. Life is too short, hence experiment and keep evolving. I hope this writing was enjoyable and insightful.

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Shikha Singh

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