Millennials’ guide to office culture

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Millennials’ guide to office culture

Millennials have successfully breached the norms of office culture. More than 50% of the workforce worldwide is under the age of 34. As more Millennials join the working class, we can expect them to make up 75% of the workforce on the planet by 2025. Many companies are now emphasising on the need to make workplaces more millennial friendly.

Millennial offices of the future

millennials' guide to office culture

With more millennials moving up the ladder, they are becoming policy makers. Millennials have mostly been regarded as the job-hopping generation during the last decade. However, they might finally be ready to settle down with Gen X preparing to enter the job market soon.  So, now that they are making the decisions influencing office culture, here are some things you can expect at offices that are future ready.

Transparent Office Culture

As more millennials are joining into the workforce, there is bound to be more transparency in the office culture. As they believe in the “always on” mode, more sharing and updating comes as second nature to them. Given their inclination towards transparency, expect clear communication amongst employees and with customers as well.

Integrity over competition

As millennials are driven by passion, they choose careers that help them grow both personally and professionally. So, their greater focus is on maintaining integrity of company values that they have internalised as their own. In contrast to the baby-boomer office culture, fierce competition is not what drives the employees. Millennials are more driven to create better consumer experiences by concentrating on providing great service.

Flexible Work-Life Relation

Owing to the hyperconnected lifestyle, more emphasis is on maintaining a flexible Work-Life balance. The boundary between work and life is no longer determined on the building you are in. Working with comfort is gaining more momentum. In short, the emphasis is shifting to the work you do from where and how long you are working.

Social Media Integration

Millennials choose their workplace based on their passion and thrive in positive environments. In addition, one-third of the millennials check for the office culture and its presence on social media platforms before applying for jobs. On the other hand, they also create the social image of the firms once employed. The smallest actions can make the biggest ripples on social media driving the company image.

Anticipate Authenticity

Credibility and relevance are becoming more and more important with every consumer interaction. Millennials value authenticity, they are looking for the development of a culture that is more consumer and people centric. Organisations that will not anticipate and deliver authenticity are bound to lose interest from millennials both as employees and consumers in the near future.

Functional Autonomy

When it comes to boosting productivity, autonomy can go a long way. Millennials find it easy to be productive without someone looking over their shoulder. Besides, being able to travel the world while working is only gonna increase the productivity of employees. This is going to be a major factor influencing policy making going forward.


To conclude, millennials have become the drivers of change in organisational behaviour and policies for quite some time now. Sadly, they are not the youngest generation anymore. They have now started climbing the organisational ladder and are settling down as the policy makers for Gen X. We need to understand how millennials have influenced the change in office culture across all industries. By doing so, we will get an idea of what would be an ideal office culture to expect for and from them. With experience, millennials have come ahead from a job-hopping generation to a productivity driven one. Talent management becomes an important task when dealing with millennials. However, it will suffice to say that millennials have a lot more to do and achieve.

With millennials taking charge, hiring the right person for the right job is crucial for increased productivity. Maintaining the morale of employees with a data driven approach is the way to go. Nurturing talent by proper people management will ensure the retention of talented employees..

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