9 ways to engage millennials in the workforce

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9 ways to engage millennials in the workforce

Millennials are the generation born between the 80’s and the turn of the century and represent the future of companies and the future of work itself. Managing millennial talent and customers will drive a lot of leadership and organisational focus. Demographics point to the fact that millennials will account for 75% of the world’s workforce by 2025. Here are 9 ways to engage millennials in the workforce!

What sets millennials apart?

One major factor is their extensive use of technology. They are more tech-savvy, connected and well informed than their parents ever were. Behavioural research shows that their view of a job is driven more by a sense of fulfilment and connectedness than any other generation before them.

What you must focus on-

  • Work with purpose and for a cause that they believe in
  • Work culture is extremely important to them and should align with their personal values
  • They are focused on creating a positive impact on society and environment
  • Their willingness to support the company’s mission and agenda can only be driven by an alignment with their core values
  • They are willing to turn do highly paying jobs to work with mentors they believe in
  • Traditional notions of compensation, job security and recognition may not apply to them
  • They are willing to risk higher, seek more adventure and are more likely to be global and well informed in their approach and outlook

So, is your organisation ready for millennials? Let's look at a few ways that will help you in the long run.

How to engage millennials in the workforce

Make Mentors, not bosses

Millennials value skill development. They don't look for rules but they look for opportunities to grow. Companies should give them a platform for co-leadership where they can focus on helping them learn from a mentor.

Make them feel valued

‘Inclusion’ is the most important strategy to make a young employee feel belonged. Listen to what they have to say, seek and give their opinions value. Include young talent in decision-making and motivate them to take ownership of solutions. Encourage them to open up and share their thoughts and drive solutions.

Invest in training and development

It has come to an age where companies can no longer expect an employee to stay for more than 5 to 10 years. Designing training programs that invest in skill development that would help employees to equip themselves with whatever is next in their career, can go a long way to engage a millennial workforce.

Promote a CSR program

Millennials will feel engaged in a social cause. Their connection and longevity within an organisation will grow if they see an organisation making a difference in a cause they believe in.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Millennials are the most connected generation, depending on social media and digital devices to stay in touch at all times. Communicate the company values, vision, successes and failures in an honest manner using all connection channels at your disposal as broadly as possible.

Stay crisp

Millennials are the most multi-tasking, distracted generation. Keep your messages short and crisp.

Constantly seek feedback

They are the “Likes” generation — give them an opportunity to opinionated on significant matters, survey them regularly.

Convince them with data

The number of WhatsApp friends, the likes on a Facebook post, the number of pictures uploaded in a week, prince hunts and drops — measures and numbers drive most convictions of the generation. Convince them with numbers.

Create a collaborative, interactive and fun environment

Advances in teaching had the millennial generation learn with props, experiments, teamwork in a collaborative fun environment. Stodgy hierarchical structures will suffocate most of the generation. Make your work environment fun with engaging team members in events and group activities.

Lastly, employers of choice create differentiated environments to attract, retain and groom millennials. A business not focused on integrating the next generation workforce will face significant talent and business challenges in the future.

That's how you engage millennials in the workforce. After this, you'd pretty much be interested in knowing more about ensuring proper millennials engagement at work.

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