Pave the way to employee retention and engagement through learning

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Pave the way to employee retention and engagement through learning
Pave the way to employee retention and engagement through learning | peopleHum

Employee engagement and employee retention is a serious business. It was studied that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. We have spoken time and again about the importance of employee satisfaction and how it has a direct reflection on employee retention. One of the recent studies also showed that 61% of employees are burned out on the job. These statistics are an eye-opener. There are countless ways to engage with your employees. However, there has been a gradual shift from employee engagement to employee experience. How do you pave the way to employee engagement and employee retention through learning? Here are five ways to ace employee retention through learning.

1. Understand the importance of engagement through learning and development.

Leonardo Da Vinci said that learning never exhausts the mind. You are never too old to learn. The world is changing rapidly and workplaces are evolving. This calls for upskilling and reskilling. Employees might feel deranged if they feel that they are not able to perform well. It is your responsibility as an organization to recognize the importance of learning and development and cater accordingly to the employees. Organizations must realize that:

  • The current jobs demand the people to learn and grow continuously rather than stick to one discipline.
  • There is a growing need for workplaces to become havens of development and growth.

Many organizations think that learning and development cannot lead the way to employee retention and engagement but this is wrong. People tend to stay longer if the place proves to be a platform for growth and what better way to grow than learn? If you are a learning organization that aims to be a better one or an organization that is aiming to be a learning organization in the future, we have the perfect blog for you:

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2. Influence

In our previous blog, we had talked about the importance of leaders taking up the learning program and how it can influence the employees to take them up. You must create a company-wide influence to ensure engagement. When the team leads, managers, and seniors engage in learning, it creates an effect and all the employees will be encouraged to learn. Fifty-six percent of employees would take a manager-suggested course, now getting the managers involved, that's in your hands.

3. Do not equate learning with seminars

Seminars are not the only way to impart learning. While noting down what to do to increase employee engagement, one must also place focus on what not to do. MRS, meeting recovery syndrome is also applicable to seminars. How much time do we take to bounce back from that useless meeting? It devours a hefty amount of useful time and we rant over it and spend more time. So, as we were saying the time has come to rethink seminars as the only way to develop. Offer your employees with online training courses that are mobile-friendly so that they can learn even when they are not at their desk. To learn more, check out our blog:

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4. Employee experience and learning

Pave the way to employee retention and engagement through learning | peopleHum

Learning has to be an experience. You don't want them to tap on their phones and get stuck into the social media world while they are supposed to learn! As discussed in many of our blogs, people value experiences more than material things. Integrate learning and employee experience and your employees are sure to stay for longer. Employee retention is guaranteed. We don't ever forget that teacher who held our hands and encouraged us to grow. That is always a beautiful memory that we hold on to. In the grand realm of talent management, it’s quite often that organizations overlook the employee's point of view. But learning opportunities enable employees to maintain an upward trajectory despite staying in one position. They integrate growth opportunities into the employer experience without necessitating a bit for a different position. Even if your employee leaves your organization at some point in time, this integration will do good to your employer branding.

5. Tailor your learning programs to ace employee retention and engagement

Each of us have different learning capacity and different perception. One size does NOT fit everyone! The need for every employee will be different. Understand this and curate the learning programs accordingly. This will include talking to your employees, individually if the situation demands so, understanding what are the skills that they lack and filling in pertaining to their needs. You don't want to beat around the bush. Offering personalized training and the freedom to choose between different learning formats be it e-learning, MOOCs or the likewise,  puts power in the hands of the employee and allows them to play to their own strengths and makes them feel worthy and valued. Keeping all bases covered can be a time-consuming and potentially more costly approach, but you and your employees will reap the benefits of doing so! You can sit back and watch that retention and engagement rates go up. I mean you don't want to teach a hunter shooting but you may want to teach him the new advanced methods. Ensure that your program does not get monotonous and drab and this will do the exact opposite of engagement and retention.

6. Track Progress

Tracking the progress of learning can optimize productivity and assure that nothing goes to waste. We had spoken about the importance of feedback when it comes to learning and development programs. Tracking the progress of employees after undergoing a learning and development program will help you understand how much it is reflecting on employee engagement. A learning management system can help smoothen the process and regardless to say, embracing technology is the best way to take across a learning program in a learning organization. There must be transparency intact, so that the employees, again, feel like a worthy part of the organization.


We don't forget our ABCs and we don't forget our roots. An organization that provides a platform for learning, growth, and development becomes a strong root for every employee. A learning organization nourishes employees and gives them all that is necessary. This will reflect positively on the brand image of the organization and regardless to say, the more learned your employees are, the better is the productivity. Employees tend to stay longer in a place that promotes learning and hence, learning can pave the way to employee retention and employee engagement. Stay tuned to read more interesting articles. Happy reading!

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