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peopleHum's HR Analytics Newsletter - August 2023
HR Analytics

peopleHum's HR Analytics Newsletter - August 2023

Sharon Monteiro
July 28, 2023

Hello, HR professionals, enthusiasts, curious minds, and nerds! And welcome to peopleHum’s HR Analytics newsletter. In our August newsletter, we’d like to highlight a core HR concept that powers the hypothetical organizational engine – People Analytics.

Not too long ago, the phrase ‘People Analytics’ would be met with lots of head-scratching and blank faces in the workplace. But, today, it forms the necessary core of Human Resources. It’s what business decisions are backed by. And People Analytics isn’t simply just attendance reports or leave reports or any other HR reports. The concept has advanced towards capabilities such as managing talent and workforce planning.

As a global Human Capital Management platform, we know a thing or two about People Analytics. And as a topic this critical and vast, there are a couple of essential resources we thought you should check out to deepen your awareness about it. And we made sure they were interesting and engaging, too.

Here’s a curated collection of peopleHum’s insights into People Analytics, a directory of other great reads, podcasts, and much more.

In sharing this curated newsletter, we hope to engage you in conversations about all things concerning People Analytics. We encourage you to write back to us with your views on our news.

Insights into People Analytics with peopleHum

1. Wish your organization had a crystal ball that could extract wisdom from the past and foretell events in the future? Tough luck, but that doesn’t exist. But, try this nifty modern guide on getting started with people analytics, instead.

2. If you thought exit surveys could help curb your turnover problem, think again. It is the era of people analytics and strategic workforce decisions.

3. Spark joy and constructive discussions in easily digestible morsels with these four essential HR reports for every small business.

4. The path to corporate greatness is paved by innovation and great people management. And here’s how Google uses people analytics to get there.

A directory of great reads

1. Tradition is the enemy of progress. On a less intense note, here are 4 ways HR analytics can evolve in progressive workplaces.

2. You won’t always find answers by following a straight line, especially if you’re an HR analyst. Sometimes, you need a flexible, out-of-the-box solution, like a decision tree.

3. Once upon a time, organizations were made up of people. Today they consist of data. Are employees being dehumanized by people analytics?

4. If you think people analytics is having its moment in the spotlight, wait until you read this article on the role of change management in the process.

5. Finally, spilling some secrets every CHRO should know about people analytics.

Podcasts to sharpen your mind

1. Built for experts and made by geeks, here’s the People Analytics podcast!

2. Sometimes they might get passionate or a little carried away, but that’s because they’re just a dedicated bunch of HR professionals. Visit the headquarters of the HR Data Labs podcast.

3. At the Hub & Spoken podcast, you have data leaders, business leaders, and all kinds of leaders having the most fascinating discussions on the thing that matters most – data and people analytics.

4. Get down to the hows, whats, where’s, who’s, and why’s from the people pushing the data-driven and digital HR agenda. Tune into Digital HR Leaders with David Green.

Videos for your viewing pleasure

1. If you thought people analytics was just a passing trend, boy, you are mistaken. Tom Haak and Natal Dank reckon that it's time organizations get serious about people analytics.

2. What do Spotify’s controlled chaos, tech-driven HR, and football have in common? Katarina Berg, CHRO at Spotify, gives a masterclass on Spotify’s HR of Things and what HR professionals can learn from it.

3. What’s an oldie and a quickie? This Quickfire Q&A on Workforce Analytics.

The Trailblazers of People Analytics

1. Richard Rosenow

2. Keith McNulty

3. Nate Branscome

4. Kathi Enderes

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peopleHum's HR Analytics Newsletter - August 2023

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