6 employee retention strategies to retain top performers

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6 employee retention strategies to retain top performers

A revolutionary idea requires revolutionary talent. People who can challenge, set norms and see beyond the realm of possibility. Getting people who buy in and give it their all requires special care and nurturing. This is where key talent can go above and beyond as a group because the right 20 can make a bigger impact than 200. But how do you know who’s going to stick and who’s going to flee at the first sign of danger? HR and behavioural analytics has now advanced where objective data can support your gut notions. How do you go about nurturing such employees to retain top performers? Here are some tips and tricks.

"To lose a smart, dedicated employee is as toxic for an organisation as to retain an unfaithful, lethargic employee."

Retain top performers with these employee retention strategies

The good ones-

  1. Crave knowledge & learnings
  2. Love to take risks
  3. Want to take charge
  4. Won’t always agree with you
  5. Don’t mind stretching
  6. Embrace challenges
  7. Never make excuses
  8. Have a can do attitude
6 employee retention strategies to retain top performers | peopleHum

How to retain your top talent?

Nurture them

Let them free and let them experiment. Be open to their ideas and give them space and support to work. The support is essential for them to feel motivated. Don’t try to manage them too much for the result since it’s the passion and the commitment that count when exploring new territory. Let them learn on their own by trusting them with responsibilities. That’s what they crave.

Engage them

If you are conducting a leadership meeting, ask them to be a part of it. Encourage them to participate in discussions. Support and reward them for their ideas. Give them a soap box to drive their passion and beliefs through others. You never know what brilliance you may witness while engaging them.

Ask them what’s new

Converse with them on ideas and change the world notions. If they want to implement a new marketing or design idea, talk to them about it. Encourage them to think, mould them to become active thinkers. In fact, don’t limit this to a professional discussion. Ask them about their family, their friends. Share your experiences from vacations so that they can share theirs as well. Be helpful, supportive and good listeners to what they have to say. Focus more on the substance than style

Give them ownership

When they come up with an idea, don’t delegate it to some other senior leader right away. Let them try it out by themselves and always be available so that they can reach out to you at the time of need. Empower them to experience how it feels like to lead. When they think and work on their own, they learn better. The easiest way to enforce accountability and responsibility is to ask them what do they need and how can you help.

Take them out sometimes

This is a totally personal decision that you have to make but great leaders want to spend more time with great employees. Similarly, if you are a great leader, then your team would look up to you and would want to know you more. Get to know them and about their personalities. As a result, they will have a sense of belongingness and they would want to work for you for long.

Celebrate success and reward them

When they succeed make sure that the world knows about it. Celebrate their success with their teams. Ensure that they feel valued, recognised and rewarded with better work and more compensation. You will see that they take pride in responsibilities than remuneration. Reinforce their behaviour so that the message also resonates through the rest of the organisation. Hence, it will become easy to retain top performers.

If you are building a high performance team with talented individuals, then a platform to craft the journey will go a long way to contributing to your success. peopleHum was built exactly for this purpose.

  • Using the ‘Hire Right’ section of the platform, you can hire the right kind of committed individuals into your organisation. The platform uses new-age technology and analytics to identify and evaluate on characteristics that work.
  • Set goals, measure performance the right way and schedule an engagement cycle with one-on-ones to go a long way to motivate and retain your top performers.
  • Engage the talent right with engagement cycles like surveys, polls, an ideation platform, rewards and recognition and an honesty box so you can hear what your employees have to say.

So, let peopleHum do the hard work for you so you have the liberty to strategise and organise things better at your workplace.Try these employee retention strategies out and retain top performers!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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