The secret ingredient to HR success

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The secret ingredient to HR success

What is the secret ingredient?

The secret ingredient for HR success is actually not a secret. Many organisations have been using it since it was included in management theory in the 1990s and become mainstream around the 2000s. Yet, this secret ingredient in the HR kitchen remained contested.

So, what is the secret ingredient? Haven’t you guessed it yet? 

Yes, the secret ingredient that helps HR leaders to be successful globally is- employee engagement!

Morale and job satisfaction were the earlier constructs that were developed before employee engagement. Even while enduring much criticism from academics, employee engagement remains well established in the fields of HR and internal communication.

The secret ingredient used by successful HR leaders globally- peoplehum

How to use the secret ingredient?

Even while we have known what the secret ingredient for HR success is for a while, the actual secret is how one uses it to help both, the employee and the employer. Employee engagement is really important as it helps both parties recognise the mutual benefit of their employment relationship.

The quality of your secret ingredient will define the quality of success your organisation will achieve.

There are many different employee engagement strategies many different organisations employ. Every organisation is unique and hence the employee engagement strategies used will need to differ according to the need of the hour. Here are a few ways to ensure your engagement strategy becomes the secret ingredient that your competitors lack.

Build an Agile Strategy

Employee engagement strategies should be agile to be able to accommodate trend changes. As the organisation grows, new people will become a part of your company. So, it might require a change in engagement strategies to help employees align better with company goals. It is easier when you are a smaller company. As companies grow, engagement strategies need to adapt to the growing number of employees and at a faster rate to be effective.

It’s  ‘Employee Engagement'

Employee engagement strategies tend to revolve around employees. So, it will serve you best if you can relate to your employee concerns and build a strategy to address them. Employee engagement starts right from the beginning, recruitment(candidate experience). However, the idea remains the same, you try to provide a great experience for your employees(both hired and future). Candidates who have a great experience at an interview are more likely to accept offers from your organisation.

Developing employee-centric engagement strategies is the most crucial part. It defines how your employees perceive your employer-brand. And also, how they will promote your company outside of work. 

Understand ‘Benefits’ of Employee Engagement

Employee benefits have come a long way from just paying a regular fixed income to factory workers. The modern workplace is a much happier place to work. Yet, there are a few aspects of employee engagement that need special attention if you want to make the most of using the secret ingredient for HR success.

Employees look forward to the kind of benefits an organisation provides for them in the modern work culture. It is one of the factors that candidates give a good amount of thought to before accepting offers.

The modern workplace provides benefits to employees beyond the monetary awards. Free food, travel allowances, beverages in the pantry and ping-pong tables are all the benefits of the past era. Modern employees believe in flexible work schedules, no sick-leave tracking, spot-recognition and a purpose to connect with their work. However, these trends keep changing and having an agile engagement strategy helps organisations to deal with changes.

In Conclusion

So, to sum it up, the secret ingredient that successful HR leaders globally use is employee engagement. Developing an agile, employee-centric employee engagement strategy will help organizations achieve the most success. Providing the right benefits to motivate employees is imperative for having an engaged workforce in the modern workplace.

In other words, there are many aspects that help in engaging employees better. The people first HR platform, peopleHum is built for the modern workplace. It helps you throughout the employee life-cycle, from recruitment to retirement. As HR is adapting to the age of digital transformation, award-winning platforms like peopleHum are facilitating this shift. Now that the secret ingredient to HR success is out, go get cooking up the best experience for your employees.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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