Successful employee engagement strategies

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Successful employee engagement strategies
Successful employee engagement strategies | peopleHum

Are you struggling with keeping your employees motivated? Do you find worker retention and employing successful employee engagement strategies challenging? Is the secret to work consistency something you’re chasing?

There has been a change in how employees define happiness nowadays. Earlier, spending time with family and pursuing hobbies were the sources of happiness. But with work-life being a major part of our lifestyle, happiness at work is what now everyone seeks. That is why employee engagement has become more than just a corporate buzzword. Building an emotionally committed workforce to deliver organizational goals has always been a challenging endeavor for human resource managers.

The task of constantly keeping your employees motivated through a people management platform to perform their daily tasks can sometimes be overwhelming so much so that the hassle of employee management can supersede that of customer management. Often times, employees take a back seat since the spotlight is on the customer. The result of such prolonged neglect could hamper the organization’s goals.

‘To win in the marketplace, you should first win in the workplace’ - Doug Conant

So, what exactly encompasses the term ‘Employee Engagement’?

It refers to the employees’ passion, enthusiasm and commitment to their jobs that ultimately leads them to put discretionary effort into the organization.

When an employee feels an emotional connection towards the organization, co-workers and goals, his/her behavior gets altered positively and reflects in the level of effort put. Dealing with the emotional side of the workplace, it strives to include and integrate employees with the company’s work culture. It is an approach to create a workplace environment where employees are cared for, which translates in them caring for the organization. The motivation experienced by employees as they identify with their work is what makes the organization ‘human’ enough to employ people as opposed to machines.

Today, organizations are tapping into this nurturing aspect with a people management platform to help workers have a better employee experience. With leaders themselves being in the shoes of the employees at one point in time, they are quick to realize what the sense of gratification after immersing oneself in a designated task feels like!

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute” - Simon Sinek

Are there patterns to successful employee engagement strategies?

On the spectrum of employee engagement, the worst are employees who are actively disengaged, who are unwilling to do daily tasks and who drag the organization down with them. The comparatively better ones are the ones who are engaged but not committed and those who are committed but not engaged.

The former might not be wishing to stay in the company for a long time whereas the latter might be long term employees but introverts, thus avoiding any attention. The best on the continuum are the ones who are engaged and equally committed. It is extremely crucial for businesses to tackle with all four kinds of employees and to ensure sustainability and deployment of successful employee engagement strategies.

According to a poll by Gallup, only 15% employees of the world actively engage in their organization. The main reasons acting as a hindrance in employee engagement are unsatisfactory work-life balance, compensation, manager relationships, and career development.

Who achieves the goal of successful employee engagement in organizations?

With an aim to propel employees to bring the best version of themselves in the organizations, companies are looking for deeper levels of employee motivation, involvement and emotional commitment made available through people management platforms. After observing work behavior and performance, personalized attention is provided that makes employees feel valued, trusted and important. Mostly, this activity is performed by managers who engage workers by adopting a bottom-up approach. It is a given that highly valued employees perform much better than their counterparts.

Responding to organizations’ goals to achieve increased productivity, higher retention, higher profit, low absenteeism and customer satisfaction through employee engagement, the all-in-one human capital management platform, peopleHum is finely crafted for all things ‘engagement’. Providing complete transparency in employees’ tasks, it augments the trust quotient among co-workers to a whole new level. Keeping in mind the decentralized organizational structures of today and the freedom of opinions that prevail in workplaces, peopleHum ensures an active employee involvement in all important decisions that await the company.

With employee growth and development as the foundational aspects that drive peopleHum, its detailed features take care of every need of employees! Leaving none dissatisfied, it is an epitome of the BSSP principle i.e. Brand, Scale, Service and Price of a product. In other words, it is a brand that offers a service packaged with top-notch features to choose from at the best price available. Encapsulating a plethora of tools that undergo constant updating, peopleHum constantly encourages employees to give their whole selves to the organization.

With values of respect, trust and honesty entwined in the software, the engagement side of peopleHum has an option of surveys on events or individuals in the organization, recorded in an anonymous way. Constructive feedback is procured that would contribute in revamping the organizational functioning. This method of statistically validating responses results in channelizing the organization’s attention on aspects that are the need of the hour.

Giving a voice to employees, it ensures complete inclusion of office staff, who otherwise might hesitate in saying their opinions aloud. Other communication portals on peopleHum include opening the floor to new suggestions and ideas on the employees’ end. The provision of such a platform where thought-provoking ideas from employees are encouraged directs the organization to choose the best available strategy. This engagement among co-workers fosters better internal communication, which is the touchstone of every successfully run organization.

Having a hold of the employees in a simple, secure and trusted manner, peopleHum maintains a fine balance between fun and work with games and quizzes on one hand and work-related challenges on the other. By converting their tasks to leisurely activities, it yearns to make employees enjoy what they do without considering work as ‘work’. The software also gets a pulse of the employees (quite literally) with a tool that checks in on employees’ mood on a particular day.  

“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do” - Steve Jobs

The blend of features on peopleHum – a people management platform targeted at both group and individuals makes this software one of its kinds. While announcements disseminate messages on an all-employee level, the tool called 1 on 1s enables feedback and suggestions between an employee and a manager on a personalized level.

With constant badges that employees are conferred with on achieving a goal, appreciations are frequent, which culminate in boosting the employees’ self esteem and confidence. It acts as a bait that pushes them forward to perform better. Such aspects are also beneficial for integrating people from diverse backgrounds e.g. disabled, LGBTQ+ community, etc. into the workplace.

Such finely curated people management platforms' features boost employees in their personal as well as professional lives by equipping them with skills and skyrocketing their KPIs. Engaged employees look at the company and understand their purpose and how they fit in, which leads to better decision-making. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Previously conducted research suggests that organizations with an engaged workforce outperform their competitors that lack the same. In a nutshell, it is no doubt that investing in your employees with successful employee engagement strategies would ultimately be beneficial with their investment in you!

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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