Talent experiences: Synergy between employer and employee

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Talent experiences: Synergy between employer and employee

Talent Experiences is what we were discussing in the previous blog.This blog will outline how both the employer and employee can benefit from its effective implementation. You might already be doing what is required to keep your employees happy. We hope you do, but, just in case you don’t, consider this a quick guide for you.

The age of startups

In the age of startups, having the right idea can make you grow out of small spaces really fast. In other words, you might need to hire more people than you initially imagined managing. Every company has their own set of values driving their culture and organisational structure. Not just emerging companies, but all organisations need to stay in league with how the job market is evolving.

Every time you need to make new hires, there is always the possibility that your new hire might duck out after sticking through the initiation and training. So, what does this mean for your organisation? At the least, you will lose that particular candidate and the investment in his/her training, not to mention the pain of having to go through the whole process again. This, overall, is enjoyable to neither the employer or the employee. How do we fix this?

The transition phase

The transition of any employee from ‘new hire’ to ‘productive team member’ is a hard and tricky one to bridge. Get all the steps right and you might just have the next big performer on your team. But, get just get a single step wrong, and you will have created your next ex-employee. However carefully you select the roster of candidates to interview, there are a lot more dimensions here to consider.

Today, HR professionals, recruiters and their hiring managers all have various data collection portals. They can vet candidates to be interviewed using a plethora of benchmarks appropriate to their field and profession. But, the same stands true for candidates, they too are tech savvy and interested in knowing more about the company they want to join and build careers at.

The age of the internet

There are so many outlets on the internet that can help them gather information and form an image of the company before they even apply for a job opening. Searching review sites, discussing with their peers about the organisation via social media or just checking out your company’s social media presence are some ways to track down your organisation’s ‘digital footprint’.

In other words, both the employer and employee can do a lot of research before getting into a professional agreement. However, once the candidates crosses the threshold and is turned into an employee, it becomes the organisation’s burden to properly train and retain the employee.

Talent experiences: Synergy between employer and employee

‘Talent Experience’ will play an important role

Give employees a great experience and you will see it throughout their time with you. If they have a bad experience they will on their way to the next opportunity, and may be with a competitor. So, to stop this, you need a proper plan in place.

Although every business is unique, there are some underlying common threads when it comes to designing a talent experience to create a positive and productive workplace.

Keep a check

  • Employees tend to become more grounded in the organisation when they receive a smooth onboarding experience. It also helps them connect with the company core values at the root.
  • Clear and open platforms for communication and collaboration between employees helps build and strengthen internal relationships. It will also help them develop their own network of peers and mentors.
  • Clarification about evaluation and how their contribution adds to the overall organisational goals helps them feel valued. It also helps them to understand the vital role they play on their team and the vitality of their success.
  • Encouraging and maintaining a continuous learning process will help employees understand the trajectory of their career and provide support to hone their skills and stay on the cutting edge.
  • Provide an insight on your compensation practices and policies in a clear and concise manner while joining. When wage reviews or bonuses are discussed, tying compensation to performance significantly reduces the chances of surprises and disappointments.


The goal should always be to create a positive and encouraging environment at the workplace. The employee experience you create for your employees, will drive the company’s reputation. Happy employees help create successful businesses, promise them good things and deliver, everything else will fall into place.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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