Talent management - Future technology in human resource management

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Talent management - Future technology in human resource management

Talent management is a hard game. Anyone can play a game, but what's difficult is to win the game. With the onset of talent management software, the game has most certainly changed. However, there were hurdles and barriers even after the advent of talent management software. But, with the integration of AI and smart Machine learning to these human resource management systems, things have become simplified than ever before.

peopleHum Product Update -Technology in human resource management

There are countless talent management software available in the market. Obtaining people, gathering data, engaging with the employees, nurturing them, listening to the employees, etc have now come under the umbrella term of talent management software. However, peopleHum is different and sets a high standard. peopleHum, the people first people management platform, has always been at the forefront of bringing ease and effortlessness to the table. With the addition of the latest features, it ensures that the pain is taken off from the shoulders of HR. Here’s our product update to keep you informed about the brilliance which is coming your way.

Requisition Request 

The latest feature integrated to peopleHum simplifies the job of hiring managers and HR. As an HR, it is a tiresome task to keep a tab on the talent requirements of the company and as team leads, it is strenuous to raise the need for a team member every now and then. 

 Requisition request, the latest feature, makes it easy to keep track of the talent requirements and provides clarity over what the team lead expects. It becomes easier for the HR to screen through the resumes and choose the right one. This latest feature in our talent management platform is extremely helpful. In a nutshell, it 

  • Reduces the amount of paperwork
  • Gives clarity about the needs
  • Minimize stressful processes
  • Decreases the time taken for hiring and recruiting 


Let us now take a look at how the new feature functions. There are two persona who are attached to this new feature. 

  1. The Hiring Manager 
  2. HR.


In order to raise a request, one needs to have the role of an HM, i.e., hiring manager. If not, the HR is to be contacted.

Functioning for Hiring Manager

  • The person who is a Hiring Manager (HM) can add the job requirement 
  • They can then create a job profile and detail the requirements accordingly.
  • They can further fill in the details such as job code, the job role, description, the recruiter and the likewise.
  • Hiring manager lets you set the scoring parameters like the skills required, qualification, and the like.

For the HR

  • The HR can view the job request.
  • They can choose to add a comment, accept or reject the request accordingly.

Requisition Request is bound to make your HR processes easy and hassle-free.

Onboarding Guide

Onboarding can be a tiresome task. Setting up the Onboarding tasks become easy with peopleHum. You can set up a list of tasks to help simplify the onboarding process of any new employee. 

Talent management software can help in reducing the work of HR by a great deal. Onboarding is a difficult business but not so much with peopleHum. 

The work of HR doubles from the moment an interview is scheduled. Keeping tabs on the dates, availability of the panel and the list goes on. The work gets even more strenuous after the interview. Whether the candidate has been selected, rejected, dropped off, hired or offered the job, HR has to keep track of all these things.

The onboarding starts once the candidate is hired or offered the position. peopleHum, as a talent management software, does an exceptional job of making the onboarding tasks simple.

Talent management - Future technology in human resource management | peopleHum

Request Details From the Candidate

As discussed, the process of onboarding starts after the candidate has been moved to either the ‘Hired’ or ‘Offered’ state. You can request their details within a finger click and see the status whether they have shared the details or not. peopleHum also lets you to send reminders about the same.

Integrating the new joiners to the company and the company culture is made easy by peopleHum. Talent management software redefines the job of HR. It comes in a great help and aid. 

In a nutshell,

peopleHum will help you in

  • Gathering the details of the new joiners
  • Getting their documents
  • Setting up tasks if any
  • Send reminders regarding any specific issue
  • Setting up official ID and more.

In addition to onboarding and placing talent requirement requests, there are a myriad of other things peopleHum helps you in. One has to experience peopleHum to know how easy and brilliant it is.

There has been a shift from employee engagement to employee experience. they are now the crux of every business. it is crucial to talk to them, listen  to them, discuss their salary with them on regular intervals and more

What’s the point of a change if you are not ready to change for the change? We have to embrace the changes and understand that technology does not replace people but just redefines the work. Know more about our brilliantly curated people management platform here.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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