4 talent management predictions for 2021

Anagha Vallikat
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4 talent management predictions for 2021

We are living in the era of talent disruption that will transform the world of work as we know. The junction of technology and artificial intelligence have contributed to disruptions in managing talent at work. Therefore, we need a few talent management predictions to prepare us for the coming year.

4 talent management predictions for 2021 | peopleHum

4 Talent Management predictions

# 1: The use of ‘analytics’ and ‘big data’

To ensure the success of an organisation, it must be able to manage its talent pipeline activities to work. The management must be taken care of end-to-end. They must measure this with great effectiveness. The integration of social profiles and employee behaviour will allow for organisations to get a better talent fit. This would be like solving a massive pain-point. Otherwise, a candidate may be suitable for the work as well as talented but what's the point if they can't fit in the company culture?

New ways of measuring engagement, performance, and interests will lead to more high-performance teams. Goals alignment and survey tools will allow self-corrections. The focus on personalisation and advancement in technology will allow even the smaller work organisations to grow. Hence, they will make use of big data and analytics. And this is what millennials look for.

# 2: Managing a remote work force will be the new norm

The prevalence of the internet and digital technologies has enhanced its acceptance. Moreover, a crumbling infrastructure and overcrowded public transport and roads further support the need for remote work force. Organisations might confuse this with a typical work-from-home but this design is so much more advanced and organised. This will save a lot of travel time coming to work. Moreover, high quality talent from far away will be able to contribute.

A recent survey found that 34% of the global leaders believe that more than half their work force would be working remotely by 2021. Work from home programs are an essential part of attracting and retaining talent. Talent management predictions has given this great insight. Organisations will definitely grow with a great pool of talent working from thousands of miles away.

# 3: Annual performance review will be replaced by continuous, real-time feedbacks

2015 has seen companies like Deloitte, Accenture and GE bin the annual performance review in favour of real-time programs. By banking on technologies, 2016 will see many other organisations take inspiration and follow suit at work. The annual employee engagement survey will also be insignificant. Employees as well as managers dread the annual review process. Therefore, the new system will take the pressure.

The employee engagement market is experiencing some serious disruption. People analysis and regular sentiment surveys will help organisations listen to their people’s voice at work. Hence, employees will not have to wait for the right moment to happen. What could be more empowering for employees than providing real-time feedback? Even the team leads can co-ordinate and organise effective feedback sessions at work.

# 4: Talent Management will become as core as strategic business functions

Global Talent management will increase its strategic value to the business by making accurate projections based on understanding the goals of the business and the right people with the right competency to accomplish the task. Engaged employees will in return, keep your customers happy. It is a win-win situation in the end. The results at work, in terms of team output and performance, will prove this further.

Great leaders will always work towards the improvement of their team members. Similarly, great business owners always look after their team leads so that they do the work on time and with precision. Theoretically, this sounds simple but with further advancements, we will witness the practical front at work as well.

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