Commonly asked interview questions

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Commonly asked interview questions

Tips For The Interviewer 

Interviews!!! They come attached with a lot of hopes and dreams. Interviews are always attached to a roller coaster of emotions; fear, hope, excitement, and more. Here are ten commonly asked interview questions to lessen your fears and which will help you acquire the right talent.

No matter how prepared you are or how learned you are, an interview can always spur some sense of fear into you. Some of the commonly asked interview questions are extremely easy to tackle if you have a confident mind and have prepared yourself for it. However, some other commonly asked interview questions tend to generate a sense of intimidation in the mindset of the candidates. The key is to overcome this intimidation and uplift your performance. So, how does the interviewer differentiate between a hoax and a genuine candidate?

Here are some of the most commonly asked interview questions and how an interviewer can pick out the best.

Commonly asked interview questions | peopleHum

Ten interview questions that are commonly asked -

1. Tell Us About Yourself

Every interview usually starts with the question of “tell us a little bit about yourself”. Ideally, the interviewer looks for details not provided in the resume. Certain characteristics define the person, hobbies, interests and likewise. This question can really help the interviewer to explore the personality of the interviewee.

Tips For the Interviewer: One tip for the interviewer here would be to place an emphasis on the tone of the interviewee. You can ask them to pick out any three adjectives which would best define them. This quick question can reveal a lot about their character. This will easily help you to draw a bottom line about their confidence, prudence and the likewise. With the onset of talent management software, the process of HR has become simplified. The constant use of ‘I’ is generally seen as a marker of pride. Look out for that.

2. What do you know about our company?

No interview is complete without this question. This again becomes important as it can talk about the interest which the person holds for the company and the position.

Tips For the Interviewer: Again, notice the interest with which the person is talking about the company. Analyze how much research he/she has put into understanding the company. This is an indicator as to how long they plan to stay around and how much effort they will put in for the company. 

3. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This is another commonly asked interview question to understand the vision and ambition of the candidate. It is very important for the company to ask this question because you don’t want to hire somebody who is not passionate enough and who is just a mediocre worker.

Tips For the Interviewer: Ensure to hire a person who is passionate enough about his career. Only then would he be a productive employee. You don’t want to acquire a talent who is just someone who knows the ABCs and that’s it. Look for someone exemplary who can add a zest of sparkle to the job they are doing.

4. What are your strengths?

This is a question asked to understand what the candidate has in the plate. So, Their strengths and weaknesses do say a lot about them. Also, it gives a chance for you to learn about the confidence level of the particular candidate.

Tips For the Interviewer:  Ensure that the candidate is neither underconfident nor overconfident. Overconfidence about his or strength would make them an arrogant employee. This would also mean that they are not a very good team player. The air of pride should not be there to ensure that there are no ego clashes in the company. this is one important point to keep in mind while hiring right. This will also help ease the talent management process.

5. What are your weaknesses?

This question comes tagged along with the above question. So, this question intends to understand the general definition of the person appearing for the interview. Here are some common strengths and weaknesses which the candidates often give.

Tips For the Interviewer:  Go through the above list and identify the candidates who are giving you a bootless errand. Make sure to pick out the bogus and become master in hiring the right talent. Acquiring the right talent is difficult. To know more about some tips you can use during a phone interview, read our previous blog.

6. Explain How You Have Managed A Conflict in Your Life.

Once they have provided details pertaining to their strengths and weaknesses, then the interviewer can move up to this question. This will help in understanding how they behave under stress and pressure.

Tips For the Interviewer:  Since they have already spoken about their strengths and weaknesses, make sure that the way they handled the conflict is in resonance with the answers which they have given during the above questions and that they are not contradictory. This will help in outlining their personality traits and also aid in getting an idea about how they would behave during the time of trouble.

7. What work environment do you prefer?

This question again will open the doors to understanding the personality of the candidate. It will answer questions like whether they are a team player or not, whether they are rigid and resistant to change or an open, free person. Te answers to this question have to be studied not only in the peripheral level but also in deep.

Tips For the Interviewer:  Ensure that the candidate is a flexible person who can build a rapport with different people in the workplace. You don’t want one wrong hiring decision to affect your whole company. Talent management would be really difficult. Talent management software ensures that work environments do not get hostile.

8.Why Do You Want This Job?

This is another crucial question and the answer given by the candidate will speak volumes about his personality. This will tell you whether they are desperately in need of some job or whether they are passionate about a particular role in your company. If they envisage to grow in the specific role your company is providing, then, you have a productive employee who will be dedicated.

Tips For the Interviewer:  Ensure to hire someone who has genuineness and dedication as their core values. The other skills can be taught or they can be upskilled. But these core values cannot be cultivated and has to come from within.

9. What Changes/ contributions do you think you can make to the company?

As discussed earlier, all these commonly asked interview questions are extremely crucial in analyzing and understanding a person’s character and hence, they are commonly asked interview questions. However, this particular question has a little more weight as they are synonymous with what the candidate aspires to do for the company.

Tips For the Interviewer:  You do not want an employee who wants to transform the entire company. You want someone who is ready to learn and unlearn and add ample enough to the company so that they can help the company grow and grow along with it.

These types of personality traits can be understood from this seemingly simple question. It is just that the HR has to keep an ear and eye open. The advent of talent management software have made the job of HR simple. Hiring the right talent is just a click away.

10. Any Questions?

Every interview ends with the question of whether the candidate has any questions for the interviewer. This, again, is an invitation to know more about the candidate. The questions which they ask will further detail about their character and their needs.

Tips For the Interviewer:  The interviewer must keep a red marker on these questions

  • How late can I turn up?
  • What are the things I might get punished for?
  • May I know the notice period?
  • What will get me fired?

These are just four among the many questions which should alert the interviewer about the negative aspect of the candidate.

There are a lot of articles on commonly asked interview questions and how to tackle them. But this article will help the interviewer to tackle the interviewee with the commonly asked questions. Phone Interviews have become very common nowadays. Read more about tips that can be used during phone interviews and increase your chances of landing the job and hiring right.

Hiring and retaining the right talent is extremely difficult. However, with the onset of talent management software, it has become revolutionized.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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