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 Top 10 Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2022
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Top 10 Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2022

HR blogs
Anushka Rajesh
March 2, 2022
Human Resource Management Platform

What exactly do we mean by the term “Future of Work”? Is it the “Future of HR”? Or the “Future of Tech”? Or even better, a “Future in HR tech”? With the lines getting blurred within and between these aspects, it is more likely to envision a future where departments work less in silos and more in increased coordination and collaboration to bring out the best in organizations.

Here is a curated assemblage of well-known, global influencers in HR tech imparting their take on HR tech solutions with peopleHum’s leadersHum, to help leaders and businesses worldwide be more agile and resilient to change and positively embrace what the future has in store for us!

Top influencers in HR tech 2022

1. Matt Charney

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

"As intelligent artificial intelligence may or may not be, you can’t rely exclusively on technology because ultimately you’re a human trying to keep other humans working. AI is not gonna take anyone’s job, but it’s also not gonna save anyone’s job and recruiting either." - Matt Charney, Chief Content Officer at Allegis Global Solutions

Matt Charney, the Recruitment Solutions and Strategy Leader at QuantumWork is a noteworthy marketing and communications professional specializing in creating smart and compelling content and campaigns that transform brand marketing into profitable business outcomes. With a proven track record of creating social marketing strategy and brand messaging, there’s nobody better than Matt who is adept at delivering measurable and sustainable business results whilst being on the list of global influencers in HR tech.

Matt strongly believes that

  • Despite how intelligent Artificial Intelligence really is, we can’t rely exclusively on technology because ultimately we as humans are the ones trying to keep other humans working.
  • Sometimes no content is better than a bunch of content since we don’t win by saying the same stuff everyone else has. It is important to not go out selling ourselves as people will find us organically by our quality of being authentic.

Matt’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“What you’re doing now is the future of recruitment. The industry doesn’t move. And so, if you have the fundamental skills, which is the ability to engage, persuade, and negotiate with people, then you’re gonna be okay."

2. Joey Price

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

"HR technology allows you to set up a system that allows you to see the best fit for your business and not have to focus so much time on reviewing each application." - Joey Price, CEO at Jumpstart: HR

Through years of hands-on experience as an HR expert in several organizations, Joey Price, the Podcast Host and Executive Producer for Business, Life, and Coffee Podcast has identified the must-haves and must-dos to revitalize underperforming businesses through innovative consulting strategies and efficient HR administrative outsourcing support. Through his company, he helps businesses gain stability and profitability whilst translating their goals to high ROI through happily engaged staff members.

Joey strongly believes that

  • The HR department ought to interact with leaders and employees in a way that is fluid, responsive and minimizes error for a positive people experience.
  • Employer branding, being the most spoken about HR tech trends is more than just the ability to go out and attract new people. It is really about reinforcing the organizational vision, mission and values.

Joey’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

"Having those personable conversations that have nothing to do with work is going to be important with connecting your team."

3. Jennifer McClure

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

"Technology has given us the ability to understand things quicker, faster, better. The failure has been that we haven't been really clear on what it is that we want the technology to help us accomplish." - Jennifer McClure, CEO of Unbridled Talent, LLC

Jennifer McClure, the CEO of DisruptHR, LLC is a firm believer in the importance of building and maintaining professional relationships. As one of the most sought after HR tech influencers, speaker and coach, she educates, empowers and encourages the audience and clients to unleash their individual potential and enhance their skills as Leaders of People through her engaging and relatable style, which is a mix of inspiration, “how-to”, sharing of best practices and strategic discussion based upon her over 25 years of experience in HR.

Jennifer strongly believes that

  • It is important to take any period of crisis to build relationships, to understand customers and to survey the community.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution to business issues.Companies need to understand who their customer is, what their needs are, what their pain points are, whether it is a 10-person or a 10,000-person organization and then design a solution around them.

Jennifer’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

"As leaders, we can look to our core values. For me, it's Purpose, Path, Positioning, People. Profit is certainly in there. But I'm also having to look at how I pivot."

4. JoAnn Corley

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

“Innovation and employee engagement is the power couple because if you're innovating, you're very engaged. Your heart, your mind, your spirit is very connected to creating something, to getting an outcome, and so creativity and innovation is directly related to employee engagement, easier management and better problem solving and agility." - JoAnn Corley, Founder and Executive Advisor at Manage Global/ a JoAnn Corley Companies

JoAnn Corley, the Executive Advisor at Manage Global/ a JoAnn Corley Companies helps serious leadership professionals translate their vision, talent & experience into measurable value by learning to be effective. She deeply cares about others' success and focuses on working with human behavior in business and helping clients quickly achieve a measurable ROI.

JoAnn strongly believes that

  • Leaders and organizations need to focus on their people first since it is the human experience that really matters most and that will drive futuristic change. It is the people who drive the process, it is them who will implement the policies and it is the people power that creates profit power.
  • There is a misunderstanding among leaders about creativity. Creativity is an act of the brain and not of the arts. It is the way the brain works to solve problems, it is the way the brain works to imagine since imagining something new means getting something new.

JoAnn’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“We should not be enslaved to technology. Technology should not run us. We should run technology. It should serve out outcomes, not be the outcome.”

5. Pramod Solanki

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

“It is important to get into defining what organizational culture will best serve your business aspirations” - Dr. Pramod Solanki, Founder of Performance Enablers - The Growth Catalysts

Being a business-driven and people-centric HR practitioner for the last 26+ years in some of the most progressive corporates of the country and in the list of the top HR technology leaders, Dr. Pramod Solanki, Founder of Performance Enablers has honed the perspective on application of HR systems, processes and tools, to catalyze growth of business and people. Designing and delivering leadership effectiveness interventions, together with Executive Coaching and CHRO services has remained the primary focus of his work.

Dr. Pramod strongly believes that

  • Technology needs to serve as a performance enabler in HR management to bring out the best out of employees in businesses.
  • In order to create value in organizations, businesses need to focus their attention on skill-building endeavours and process fine-tuning practices

Dr. Pramod’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“The best of the strategies will not really produce any results if employees are not culturally aligned to that strategy.”

6. Sandeep Barve

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

“The business world is changing at a fundamental level. And that is where everyone needs to start thinking about adopting a different mindset, different ways of working and continuous learnability because these are going to be the gain of the future” - Sandeep Barve, Founder and Managing Director of In-Unison Business Reinvention

As the CEO of In-Unison Business Reinvention, Sandeep Barve helps CxOs and Entrepreneurs achieve exponential business growth & create value for their customers by partnering with leaders to redesign & reinvent the business for long term sustainable competitive advantage. Bringing in a unique blend of business & digital technology expertise with futuristic orientation, innovation & unconventional strategies, he helps businesses develop innovative offerings, new digital revenue streams & identify new playing fields and markets for creating a long term sustainable competitive advantage.

Sandeep strongly believes that

  • It is imperative for organizations to adapt to futuristic trends e.g. digitized working and then prepare the workforce to adopt these changes for ease of work.
  • In the future of HR, there would be a need for people who are more adaptable, more resilient, more learnable and more creative.

Sandeep’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“We have to look at the way the world is changing in order to adapt to it. From physical assets we’re moving to business assets, from business-centricity we’re moving to customer-centricity, from a command-and-control management style we’re moving towards empowerment and we’re moving from constraint-driven to focus-driven. ”

7. Bulent Buyuksayar

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Interview

“It’s really important to not lose the human touch. We’re humans, we’re not machines. Of course, we will use technology in an advanced level but there will always be humans” - Bulent Buyuksayar, the Founder of SmartStarts Consultancy

The director of SmartStarts Consultancy based in London, Bulent Buyuksayar manages Recruitment & HR projects for clients. He is an HR professional with over 14 years of experience in recruitment, talent acquisition, employer branding, business partnership and organizational development in multinational companies.

Bulent strongly believes that

  • A talent acquisition strategy that builds on a talent management strategy is the need-of-the-hour for organizations.
  • It is essential for leaders and companies to not drown in their planning stage of implementing and adapting to changes. The execution part is what leads to all the positive transformations!

Bulent’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“It is important to create an aspect of uniqueness to thrive in the Future of Work”.

8. Brian Sommer

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

“The nature of HR is fundamentally changing because it is moving away from the transaction process to all the new technologies evolving at once - whether it is machine learning, algorithms, chatbot technology. These aspects make working so much more efficient for HR people ” - Brian Sommer, President of TechVentive

For over 30 years, Brian Sommer, being the Founder of TechVentive has been advising the world’s largest firms on strategy, change, process and technology initiatives. He is frequently sought after for sensitive ERP-related initiatives including a massive ERP litigation project, antitrust consultation, ERP contract negotiations and vendor alliance assistance.

Brian strongly believes that

  • The future of HR tech is more on the lines of a shift from transactional to strategic HR.
  • Digitization at work will serve as an enabler for organizations and employees since HR tech would contribute in making work efficient.

Brian’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“It is important to foster a different kind of workforce, one where people are constantly re-skilled and upskilled”.

9. Jeanne Meister

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

“The Future of Work is the future of worker well-being. Hence, it is necessary to further your emotional well-being, your spiritual well-being, your physical well-being and your mental well-being” - Jeanne Meister, Founder of Future Workplace

As the Managing Director of Future Workplace, Jeanna Meister assists organizations in re-imagining and re-inventing how they operate in the future workplace. She is a workplace visionary and activist driving her clients to think differently about work, the future workplace and the future workforce.

Jeanne strongly believes that

  • It is crucial to pay attention to employee wellbeing since it is when we take care of ourselves that we become better equipped to take care of our families and hence contribute productively for maximum organizational output.
  • We need to do our bit to reverse the global health crisis, global economic crisis and the global upskilling crisis.

Jeanne’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“We need to focus less on technology and more on the experiences that these technologies are creating for people”.

10. Paul Epping

 Top 10 global influencers in HR Tech of 2021 | peopleHum

LinkedIn | Twitter | Interview

"This crisis has so many opportunities. Most of us are so busy with all kinds of new opportunities that have come into existence now and that were unheard of in pre-pandemic times” - Paul Epping, Co-founder at EQxponential

The last of the ten global influencers in HR tech, the Chairman at EQxponential, whose objective is centered on inclusivity i.e. igniting Critical Thinking in an age of Exponential Technologies. He contributes in making the world understand the dynamics of exponential technologies and the need to use them responsibly for a better world.

Paul strongly believes that

  • It is necessary to be optimistic in life. If your mindset is positive, you see positive things and in a way transform yourself positively.
  • Companies based on the principles of the 20th century are doomed to fail in the 21st century should they be resistant to change and agility.

Paul’s top HR tech tip for 2022:

“The Future of Work requires a shift from a linear thinking to an exponential mindset. The problems that we see today around us are exponential in nature and we cannot solve them with linear thinking”.

There’s no doubt that each of these HR practitioners and tech experts have something unique to talk about, which holds tremendous value today and will definitely do in the years to come. peopleHum cannot be more thrilled to host these extraordinary 10 global influencers in HR tech, who have made a positive dent on everyone who is gearing up to seize and make the most out of the Future of Work, which is NOW!

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Top 10 Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2022

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all

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