Top 4 HR trends you must follow in 2021

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Top 4 HR trends you must follow in 2021

As each day passes, corporates try to figure out ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into their systems. No doubt it saves time, money and effort but it also introduces a culture that supports and applies advanced technology for the betterment of its people. Basically, its employees. Talking about betterment of people in a corporate setting, it’s a no-brainer that we would think about recruiters. They hunt you down via LinkedIn, connect with you, call you down to the office for a quick chat, and help you get on board. Of course, only if they like you. Here, we discuss the Top 4 HR Trends for the not-so-far 2021 that is definitely going to make their corporate lives easier.

Top 4 HR trends you must follow in 2021 | peopleHum

Top 4 HR Trends you must follow in 2021

1. Automation through AI

If tech giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook are aggressively investing in automation and artificial intelligence, then it must mean AI is serious business for the future. Great we are including it among the top HR trends for 2022. I agree that the sole purpose of investing is to achieve 10X ROI but hasn’t Google Maps, Alexa, and Siri made our lives convenient? We complain about data breach and intrusion but we give away the tiniest detail about our lives willingly. So, why not incorporate this in our top 4 HR trends? Like it or not, automated profile screening is the future. It will assist companies in two key areas: optimisation and targeting. In other words, the software will do the dirty work while simultaneously saving recruiters’ precious time. HR professionals will no longer be wasting time searching blindly for talent but focus their efforts on where they can find the next big talent.It’s true that people are concerned about being monitored by some machine algorithms but they only get better with time. In fact, it’s better for the candidates because this way, they can use specific key phrases to stand out. This gives the HR ample opportunity to save time on profile screening and personally meet the candidate to get to know them better. Interpersonal skills and communication aren’t going anywhere!

2. Atypical Working

Gear up for one of the most eagerly waited HR trends. We constantly talk about these progressive transitions but do little to do something about it. Many organisations have taken the initiative but we still have a long way to go.


The greatest artists say that they cannot fathom the idea of doing a typical ‘9 to 5’ job. Money doesn’t entice them and they want to follow their passion, live their dreams. But I have a severe disagreement here. Who said artists cannot be themselves and look for economic privileges at the same time? Business hotshots and millennials today are passionate creators, innovators, and problem solvers. They desperately want to break free from the typical ‘9 to 5’ rule because they function at their best when they have the creative freedom and flexibility in working hours. It perfectly aligns with the iconic saying by the Joker, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

Less meetings

Perfect example of the quote, ‘Time is money’ - Across the United States, over $25 million is wasted per day on unnecessary meetings. This results in a total of $37 billion for the year.There was a meme in social media that talks about the number of hours that we waste sitting in meetings. In the end, the person who bags the biggest pay-check is the ultimate decision maker. We don’t want to begin 2020 with the same pretence. So, before you share that calendar invite, think whether the meeting is really required or not. It’s always better to talk it out over a call or send a message on Slack. It’s convenient and well-documented.

Efficiency over working hours

Studies show that people who start and leave early turn out to be more productive in the long run than the ones who stay back in the office for longer hours. In fact, maintaining a proper work-life balance is going to become the norm across new-age companies. There’s a book named ‘Getting Things Done’ that suggests, “If it takes 2 minutes, then take 2 minutes.” The longer you take, the lower the output is going to be.

Remote working

There are so many startups and companies that provide an online platform for teachers and students to interact with each other, and for businesses and customers to conduct transactions and provide support. Now that we have the power of the internet, let’s make the best out of it. If you aren’t willing to trust your employees with remote working, you might be missing out on great talent sitting thousands of miles away from you. You never know.

3. Hiring based on personality rather than qualification

On the very first day of our corporate lives the VP of Sales & Product told the new joinees, “You are going to face the real world now. Leave your degrees at home before you come to work.” It was music to our ears, specially for those who had backlogs from their final semester. I can’t tell what an impact it had on me but it’s been 3 years that I am out of college and I haven’t felt the need of collecting my degree.And it’s true. Your work defines you. But unfortunately, we are asked to focus on grades and CGPA since childhood but little mention of real-life projects. Yes, a highly qualified candidate will have great insights but not always great enough to get things done. You need engineers, developers and programmers to design & improve products and handle the back-end but to make your business grow, you need street start individuals who can talk, who have a personality and can make your product reach the masses with conviction. You need people with a personality, who will be the right cultural/potential fit and not someone with a mere college tag.

4. People Analytics

Amazon is so smart that it is predicting all of its customers behaviour. It is using advanced predictive analytics to determine patterns and predict which customer will buy which product around what time so that it can transport that product to its nearest warehouse. This is enabling customers to receive 1-day delivery (which is the best example of customer-centricity and ease) and also making Jeff Bezos rich.Imagine the kind of impact people analytics is going to have on your employees and their performance. The analytics tool is going to understand your employees more than you can ever understand them; possibly more than your employees even understand themselves. The management will be able to assign projects to the employees based on their skill set. In a way it will eliminate unconscious bias and measure the output accordingly. In fact, plans to implement data and create a people analytics database has jumped from the usual 10-15% of companies to a majority of 69%.People analytics won’t just be limited to business numbers but will cater to the emotions of employees as well. Just like physical well-being, mental well-being too is important to build a performance driven employee.

Having said that, employees will have to be trained to understand the data and follow the analysis with complete understanding. Some may find it challenging to see the data beyond the surface-level. But it only gets better with time. That's why we keep working on HR trends to better the experience.

Making it all work in 2021

We know, it’s an HR’s job to attract and acquire the best talent. However, it takes exceptional people skills to manage people. Especially in this rat race where the generation potentially remains indisposed to connect with one another.As a result, in between all the hustle and bustle, it’s comforting to know that someone is there to listen. Automation and artificial intelligence will help HRs focus more on managing the people and helping them stay engaged and committed. It can be distressing for employees when they are unable to meet targets. Or when they do the hard-work but someone else receives the acknowledgement. Likewise, there are many such cultural challenges that an organisation has to overcome. And revised HR trends only help us get better. Let’s hope that these top 4 HR trends give a fresh start to 2021.

We hope you got some great insights from this blog. Its now time to apply it. Get started with peopleHum for free today. No credit card needed.

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