Top companies in the world and how they retain employees

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Top companies in the world and how they retain employees

There is that one list of companies that everybody wants to work for. Which comprises of all the workplaces that every other company looks up to. The top companies in the world did not arrive at the pinnacle point without any effort. There are long tales of hard work and sleepless nights behind the success story. However, staying at the top is as important as making it to the top. One has to be in the race to win the race. Linkedin, Bain & Company, Workday, Cisco, Intuit, Adobe etc are some of the companies which has made their way to the 2019  list.

See how these top companies in the world retain their employees.

Employee benefits

Employees are what forms the base of an organization. It is crucial to nurture them to ensure that the organization Employee Benefits is a vast term and encompasses a lot of things like PTO, telecommuting, childcare and the like.

The compensation can either be financial or other perks as discussed above. These privileges add value to the employee and increases the rate of employee retention in top companies. Nourishing the employees the right way will have a tremendous impact on the image of the company and will aid in taking it to the list of companies every person wants to work for. That is to say, they make way to the fortune 500 list, quite easily.

Every business aspires to be an employer who is hard to say no to. Let's see what these two top companies in the world have been doing for their employees.


Workday, Inc. is an on‑demand financial management and human capital management software, vendor.

We have to learn a thing or two from their work culture and the way they treat their employees. The above picture is taken from their website and it speaks for itself. One can see the happiness gleaming in the eyes of the employees.

Workday keeps their employees as the nub of their concern and hence, such a growth in such a short time. They have gone the extra mile and added soul to their employee benefits program so much so that everyone who lands on their website would want to work for them.

The main perks which they give their employees are ;

Sports teams and clubs

They have in house teams and clubs which facilitates a healthy competition and a healthy lifestyle. Be it hockey, cycling, skiing, basketball, rugby, softball, golf, soccer, or salsa, their philosophy is that they will support it if their employees like it.

Dog at workday

What a paw-fect idea is that? Workday has dedicated a special day wherein the employees can bring in their four-legged companions to work. This really does talk a lot about the kind of atmosphere that the company puts forward.

Employee stock purchase

Everyone is an owner at Workday. The employees can buy stocks at a discounted rate and this is a brilliant idea. Everybody would want their own company to grow and reach heights. More passion, more retention, more meaning. Brilliance!


This is not the simple childcare that we have heard about. As discussed earlier, they have gone the extra mile and taken a two-pronged approach. In case both the parents are working, the company will take care of all the childcare bills and on those unexpected days of emergency, they have partnered with a childcare agency. AS a result,  the parents work tension free.

Games and family events

Foosball, pool and snooker tables are at the workplace if the employees want to take their stress off. A number of family events are organized and planned to bring in work-life balance.

In addition to the above benefits, they have a number of other compensations like commuting, sick leaves, health plans, retirement plans and more. Now, it would have become clear to you why Workday is one of the top companies in the world.

2. Deloitte

Deloitte is a multinational professional services network. It is one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals. Employee happiness is a prime concern for this top company

Apart from ardent dedication and effort, treating their employees right has been one of the things which has helped them to be at the forefront. 

Family leave

They provide up to 16 weeks of PTO to new parents or parents who want to spend time with their children. This is a great gesture by the company and takes a lot of tension off from the expecting couple or family.

Adoption and surrogacy

They reimburse their employees who are eligible, up to $25,000 per child for expenses pertaining to the adoption of a minor child or for the expenses related to surrogacy. This is a soulful thought and gains them a lot of brownie points.

Dependent care

In case of emergencies, they provide care to children or adult relatives who need to be taken care of. There are certain conditions which come into play. But the employees know that at the time of need, the company will back them up.


They provide a holistic health care and everything is covered. Be it dental, vision-related or any other realm. Deloitte has it covered. They also pay 50% of the expenses which the employee has incurred for fitness or other wellness-related areas. Employees would always look forward to work in a company which cares for their happiness.

Pet insurance

They understand the emotional connection tagged to pets and that they are another member of the family. So, Deloitte lends a helping hand to cover the cost of healthcare for the pet, The pet insurance program allows the employees to take insurance at discounted levels and cares for the routine health check-ups and will also cover the charge in case of any terminal illness, surgeries and the likewise.

In addition to the above, they provide brilliant employee benefits like student loan reimbursements, personal loan solutions, commuting, food, events and more.


From the above discussed, it goes without saying that the two businesses have become one among the top companies in the world as a result of continuous effort and dedicated work. In addition, they have understood the importance of their people and have catered accordingly. 

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