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Why do women fare better in a lockdown? | peopleHum
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Why do women fare better in a lockdown?

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Sneha Moorthy
February 4, 2021
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Lockdown is giving me a positive and new direction of thinking, despite all the precautions to avoid coronavirus getting stricter every day. The pandemic has caused is a wake up call for many situations. I came across 2 different women in the same situation, with two different ways of faring better in such a crisis, and I would say that is what motivated and inspired me to write this blog.

So let me keep this straight and simple and let me walk you through two different personalities or I’d say two different faces of women that highlighted the hidden gem/hidden treasure for women in a lockdown fare better!

Why women fare better during quarantine

Why do women fare better in a lockdown? | peopleHum

Hidden Treasure 1

Two days before the lockdown in my country was announced, we got our work from home announcement from our company. Stuck with mom for life!
I was on my laptop the whole day, I had no distractions and I was able to put my heads down to work with complete focus and give my 100% to my duties. I was happy and satisfied with the thought that I am able to be more productive and more energized working remotely than I used to be while in office. In short, remote working doubled up my productivity, and then there was coffee in the table and biscuits in a plate pointed to me, plus a pat on the back“ drink it before it's cold” and she smiled. There she was being her loving self, my mom. I just realized that working from home is very easy for me. My mom, however, just had her chores doubled for the day.

Now lunch meant cooking for 3 and not for herself. Her “me” time, in the evenings, spent reading a newspaper and with a hot cup of tea was something she couldn’t afford with all of us home and working. None of this came to my mind when I got the coffee. I just felt blessed to have an amazing mother.

Now the day came, and the leader of our country addressed us saying, there will be a complete lockdown for 3 weeks. 3 whole weeks! It gave me a panic attack. I saw people going out, rushing into grocery stores and whatnot. I installed a hundred grocery delivery apps and asked my mom about what I should buy. She was just being herself when she told me, “Stop panicking and eat what I give you. I have it under control” Well, she’s not gonna let me starve for sure.

I don’t know how, but my mother had foreseen this situation. She was confident enough to not have a prick of panic, let alone worry. I seriously hoped this is something I will grow up to be like. Her confidence is my first point. Her ability to foresee emergencies is my second. I am not wrong when I say women in lockdown fare better , because they are gifted multitaskers who manage everything. Their eyes see the unseen and their heart listens to the unheard.

My mother’s confidence amazed me, and in a gist, a woman is prepared for anything. Be it a country lockdown or a zombie apocalypse.

Why do women fare better in a lockdown? | peopleHum

Hidden Treasure 2

I wanna talk about two women here.

I called up one of my colleagues to ask about a report that was due. I added a little small talk and asked about the situation of the coronavirus in her area. This was her reply. “Yes, work is on track and deadlines are met”  Okay… So, I asked her how things are at home. “Everyone back home is fine, it got a little hectic with cooking and working all for myself in the beginning, now I got the hang of it” Okay. Good. She overachieves her target and also cooks while she works a lot of extra hours?  Okay, not gonna talk any further about that. 

Right after the call I came across this post on LinkedIn where a woman had posted a happy picture with her husband and 2 kids, with a caption WFH Day 4.
She used to live alone, she managed everything on her own, while her husband and kids lived in a different city for work. The second instance is a happy picture of a woman with 3 roles managing it with ease. She’s just happy to attend to her children and be close to them.
The role of a mother to keep her kids happy and satisfied, handle all their antics since they are tied up at home, they can't go out on the streets to play, then the role of a Wife, her husband has been working from home too. I am not denying the fact that he is a great help, but the role of a wife is much broader, and finally, the role of an Independent woman working and giving her best, no matter what.

Why do women fare better in a lockdown? | peopleHum

Now comes my second point. Women being the natural multitaskers they are, manage better. With every new role she has, she finds a way to squeeze it into her schedule.
She can be on a sales call while feeding her baby. She works while she cooks, she works while homeschooling her children. She can do all this together, and this multitasking is inevitable now. Guess what? Women in lockdown are rocking it!
That's #TheFireInHer

To understand what she’s going through, how she’s managing it all, ask the right questions. How was my mom able to smile through these hectic times? How did that lady from LinkedIn manage so much while doing a 10-hour job?  A simple thought and you have your answer. I got mine.

Ask the right questions and get to know these heroes better! Share with us incidents that proved women are faring better in lockdowns. Take us through your journey ladies, and tell us the secret. The comment section is all yours!

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October 25, 2021

A very inspiring list. Thanks for putting this together


October 25, 2021

This is such a great list of women leaders! More power to you all