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API (Application Programming Interface)

What is an API (Application Programming Interface)?

Applicant Programming Interface (API) is a computing interface that powers the communication and sharing of data between different applications. They are widely used to ensure that multiple software functions together as a whole to make the entire experience seamless. APIs make it possible for organizations to come up with new and innovative solutions to streamline business operations, 

Application programming Interfaces make it possible for HR managers to develop a streamline and positive experience for all employees. Adopting API-powered tools will empower organizations to move out of siloed systems and improve operations. 

Why should HR managers adopt API? 

1. Helps in building a connected enterprise

Adopting an API-powered solution can enable HR managers to gain visibility into differ aspects of the organization with regard to the employees. APIs build a connected solution that effectively manages employees and their work. 

2. Streamlines complex business processes

APIs can be utilised to develop integrations that eliminate the problems of having duplicated data entry. Streamlining allows HR managers to coordinate the elements of complex business processes spanning across disparate systems. 

3. Readily available solutions

The ready availability of API-powered applications means that HR managers do not have to hire expensive software developers to build the solution from scratch. All they need to do is to adopt an API and customise it to match their business needs. 

4. APIs are easy to use

APIs are made to ensure hat different systems are integrated with each other to encourage interoperability, connectivity, and freedom of choice. Therefore, by adopting API-powered solutions, HR managers can customize them to match their requirements as well of those of the entire organization, streamline HR operations, and enables them to respond to significant HR events in real time. This powers business growth, with organizations benefiting from sustainability and value creation.