What is E-recruitment?

The electronic recruitment process of finding, assessing, and recruiting employees is known as e-recruitment. This process connects organisations with potential employees through the use of technology, and it has changed how employers and employees interact. Employers can use e-recruitment to post job openings and search resumes electronically, and employees can use it to submit applications and resumes electronically, search job postings, and receive job alerts.

What are the advantages of E-recruitment?

Employers can reach a bigger number of potential employees by using electronic recruitment. Companies can build their own e-recruitment stages in-house, use e-recruitment HR software, or use recruiting firms that include e-recruitment in their services. Using online stages and HR software, e-recruitment is the automated process of identifying, attracting, screening, and hiring candidates. Businesses can use this internet recruitment strategy to develop an online presence and communicate with candidates.

1. Cost-Effective

Work costs in recruiting are generally high in terms of advertising, travel expenses, outside recruiter fees etc. As a result, the employing process generally takes up an excessive amount of time and its expense could be minimized by switching to e-recruitment, which permits you to post free employment opportunities on multiple social stages just by one tick.

2. Quicker process

The hiring process could be shortened simply by clicking a few catches to screen, filter, and sort candidates' information and CV. E-recruitment streamlines the process of welcoming or rejecting candidates one by one and inserting candidates' information physically is not, at this point needed.

3. Customized filtration

E-recruitment allows filtering requirements to help recruiters to track down the ideal candidates with competencies that match the work position. Therefore, the filtration apparatuses provided by e-recruitment systems speed up the process of arranging the candidates as indicated by experience, education, competencies, and a lot more criteria.

4. Flexible

The E-recruitment process is easy to get adapted to. Thus, it is easy to use and provides a stage where all the HR managers could follow the hiring process and their funnel smoothly. Moreover, the cloud-based feature permits the employer to have a CV database stored in one place making it easier to refer or come back to in future.

advantages of e-recruitment

What are the disadvantages of E-recruitment?

1. Tech problems

Some candidates may not be confident enough with the security of an online application. There's always the possibility that the application system may operate slowly or lose information during the submission process.

2. Fraudulent applicants

A few applications may be phoney to get data about the company or hiring official. At the same time, spammers may utilize the data presented online to advance a help or item to your company. On the off chance that you part with an excessive number of subtleties in your promotion, vindictive programmers can even utilize the data to possibly access your company's IT frameworks.

3. Less effective

Not all e-recruitment administrations offer an inside and out investigation of your posting; consequently, it tends to be difficult to sort out the thing is and isn't working and how to advance your advertisement. Obviously, this is a typical issue in disconnected recruitment.

4. Misunderstandings

Speaking with planned representatives through a screen can prompt confounded messages or wrong suspicions. In any case, conversing with somebody face to face can explain what an individual resembles as a first impression while likewise keeping up with clear correspondence with each other.

5. Diverse audience

Since e-recruitment creates countless applicants each day, organizations ought to be more cautious when utilizing this. Scouts should guarantee proficiency consistently and try not to tap unfit candidates, just as candidates who live excessively far from the workplace.


Today, e-recruitment is liked by most organizations since organizations are going computerized and are focusing on better help quality. It is ideal to decide your company's objectives to pick the recruitment cycle that best suits your association.

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