Employee Appreciation

What is employee appreciation?

In the workforce to answer the question of what is employee appreciation, one can state it as the straightforward demonstration of recognizing the commitments your employees make to the business and the way of life of your work environment. Employee appreciation also can be defined as the act of recognizing and acknowledging an employee's efforts, hard work, and contributions to an organization. It involves expressing gratitude, acknowledging accomplishments, and providing positive feedback to employees to help boost their morale and motivation.

There's even a whole day committed to commending this, the first Friday of March is assigned as Employee Appreciation Day, yet we suggest you make this a year-long practice. Employee appreciation can take many forms, including verbal praise, rewards, promotions, public recognition, or other meaningful gestures that demonstrate the employer's appreciation for their employees' contributions.

Types of employee appreciation 

Peer to peer appreciation

A team member may appreciate the work of another team member or a different division which is good for peer appraisal. For instance, a product manager might thank the marketing team after the successful launch and promotion of a new offering.

Manager Appreciation

Manager appreciation is typically mandated by policies, where managers appreciate their team members for their efforts in the organization. This can also be a type of appreciation where senior leaders recognize an achievement.

Event based appreciation

Positive appreciation for employees might be set off by a particular occasion, for example, a work anniversary, the gathering of an meeting targets, or a remarkable achievement at work.

Regular appreciation

Employees can also be appreciated for simply doing their day to day job efficiently and consistently. This is particularly relevant for support functions and domain such as IT, admin, payroll management, etc.

Formal appreciation

This is the most common form of appreciation for employees. Employees are recognized in email newsletters, award ceremonies, or similar formal events. There may also be a financial component involved in these type of appreciation.

Informal appreciation

Informal appreciation can be a quick pat on the back, or a shout-out on the company chat app among other team members. This is very necessary to keep employees motivated on a day-to-day basis.

Importance of employee appreciation

As we know what is employee appreciation , we must also know that Organizations receive various rewards when they show exactly the amount they care about the group. Since, employee appreciation helps to create a positive work environment and foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among employees towards their employer. The following are a few advantages for organizations that present employee appreciation programs: 

It constructs trust among employee and manager

On the off chance that labourers can't confide in you, at that point your business won't work easily. Employees need to feel like their managers consider them to be individuals and have their eventual benefits at the top of the priority list. As per a survey, 86% of employees felt they could confide in supervisors who had demonstrated them acknowledgment them inside the most recent month. 

It supports efficiency levels

On the off chance that your labourers feel that you give it a second thought, you will see it in how hard they work. Appreciated employees feel put resources into the accomplishment of an organization and will put forth a more determined attempt. 

It diminishes turnover

Recruiting and onboarding another employee is a cost you'd most likely rather not need to manage on a standard premise. You may have the option to decrease your employee turnover rate by consistently demonstrating employees that you appreciate them.

It improves the brand reputation

At the point when an organization treats employees ineffectively in our period of online audits and web-based media, word will get around. You would prefer not to be known as an association to stay away from. Buyers like to help organizations who treat their staff well, and quality competitors are probably going to apply to work for such an organization.


Harvard Business Review report says that

"The most impactful driver of employee engagement is recognition."

Employees react to employee appreciation communicated through recognition of their great work since it affirms that their work is esteemed by others. At the point when employees feel that their work is esteemed, their fulfilment and profitability rise. Additionally, they develop more propelled to keep up or improve their great work.

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